New Wave and Starfire

New Wave and Starfire, who is a native of the planet Tamaran, which is located in the same solar system as the planet Hnyxx.[1]

Hnyxx (also spelled Hynxx and Hny'xx) was the fourth planet in the Vega system, and it is the home to several water-dwelling races.

Details about the planet

Hnxx was a world covered predominantly with water which, combined with its cooler atmosphere, produced a thick fog that permanently enshrouded the planet. Although Hnyxx was home to several water-dwelling races, as well as at least one land-dwelling race, very little was known about any of them. The military difficulties facing all the sentient beings in the Vega system who might've otherwise been inclined towards exploration had prevented them from being able to catalog worlds such as Hnyxx.[2]



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