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December 23, 1978
Written by
Directed by
Main Super Heroes(s)
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Guest starring

Plot Summary

See Super Friends (TV Series) Episode: History of Doom

Three aliens arrive on Earth after it has been destroyed. One of them proposes that it was a natural disaster; but the oldest and wisest of the three knows that the disaster was man-made. The three of them head to the ruined Hall of Justice, where they find memory tapes. The first one is of an aged, weakened Superman, who says he is the last Superfriend and decided to make these tapes in case someone such as the alien visitors wondered how evil triumphed over good. Other tapes show them how Lex Luthor came to be evil, how Apache Chief and Giganta gained their powers, and how the Justice League (SuperFriends) and the Legion of Doom came to be formed. They watch battles between the two groups. Most important, they learn how the Earth came to be destroyed. Believing that Earth was unfairly oppressed and destroyed, the aliens use their powers to reverse time and give the Superfriends another chance.


[1] Jack Angel ... (voice) (credit only)
[2] Marlene Aragon ... Cheetah (voice)
[3] Lewis Bailey ... (voice) (credit only)
[4] Michael Bell ... Young Lex Luthor (voice)
[5] William Callaway ... Aquaman / Bizarro (voice) (as Bill Callaway)
[6] Ted Cassidy ... Brainiac / Black Manta (voice)
[7] Melanie Chartoff ... (voice) (credit only)
[8] Henry Corden ... (voice) (credit only)
[9] Danny Dark ... Superman (voice)
[10] Al Fann ... (voice) (credit only)
[11] Shannon Farnon ... Wonder Woman (voice)
[12] Ruth Forman ... Giganta (voice)
[13] Bob Hastings ... (voice) (credit only)
[14] Bob Holt ... (voice) (credit only)
[15] Buster Jones ... (voice) (credit only)
[16] Stan Jones ... Lex Luthor / Manatoo / Series Narrator (voice) (as Stanley Jones)
[17] Casey Kasem ... Robin / Computer (voice)
[18] Don Messick ... (voice) (credit only)
[19] Vic Perrin ... Sinestro (voice)
[20] Renny Roker ... (voice) (credit only)
[21] Stanley Ralph Ross ... Gorilla Grodd / Old Indian (voice) (as Stanley Ross)
[22] Dick Ryal ... Captain Cold / Legion of Doom Computer (voice)
[23] Michael Rye ... Green Lantern / Apache Chief (voice)
[24] Olan Soule ... Batman (voice)
[25] Jimmy Weldon ... (voice) (credit only)
[26] Frank Welker ... Toyman (voice)
[27] Louise Williams ... Young Giganta (voice)
[28] William Woodson ... Narrator / Rayno (voice) (uncredited)


This episode has mammoth continuity issues with the rest of the Challenge of the Superfriends series. Both the Legion of Doom and Superfriends had several ways to undo Luthor's blunder: the Hall of Doom, Flash, Batman, and Black Vulcan all had time travel capability, then there were reality altering devices such as the Monolith and the mental matter ray (turn any thought into instant reality).

Grodd's comment about sealing their fates for good made no sense as the Hall of Doom also was able to travel to other dimensions and if that wasn't working Sinestro could take them all to the anti-matter universe of Qward.


[first lines] Sooba: I wonder what happened to this planet. ----

Apache Chief: Inuk-chuk! ----

[last lines] Superman: Don't bother trying to figure it out, Luthor. Sometimes, when you're on the side of justice, things just seem to go your way.

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The Rise and Fall of the Superfriends

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Season 3a: new SuperFriends (1978)
Season 3b: Challenge of the SuperFriends (1978)

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