Styro using his harp and singing Hey Nonny Oh.[1]

Hey Nonny Oh was a folk song played by Styro on his harp. He sung the song in celebration of King Plasto's development of FRERP.

It was likely just made up on the spot, and not actually a written song.


His majesty needs plastic
For all the FRERP he’s making
There’s no point in buying it
When it’s there just for the taking
With a hey and a ho
And a hey and a ho
And a ha ha ha he he[2]

King Plasto is a genius
He's made another haul
He has a brain just like a fox
He always fools them all
With a hey and a ho
And a hey nonny oh[3]

With a hey and ho
And a hey nonny oh[4]


  1. As seen in the Superfriends season one episode The Fantastic FRERPs (1973).
  2. This verse was sung after King Plasto made the FRERP tug.
  3. This verse was sung while King Plasto and Styro were in pursuit by the Dynamic Duo in the Batmobile.
  4. This was sung as Styro tossed a FRERP egg containing a replica of the Eiffel Tower.
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