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Mr. Mergen puts his hands on his head[1]

A head was part of most animal's anatomy. The brain was typically located in the head of most if not all species. A hammerhead shark's head looked like a hammer, which was where it got its' name from.

Most Earth creatures and aliens had heads. Sometimes a person's head might have hurt, and this was called a headache. Most species had one head, however, Fearians had three heads.[2]



Doctor Rebos told Wonder Dog he has a "Princely head."[3]

Noah Tall once used the insult Knothead, to refer to Twisty.[4]

When the Super Friends leave the Junior Super Friends to hold down the fort at the Hall of Justice while they go to Washington, Marvin asks them what they do if there is an emergency, and Wonder Woman tells them to just use their heads.[5]

When Marvin and Wendy were trying to figure out how to get Wonder Woman's invisible plane to fly, Wendy suggested to Marvin that he "use his head," because the jet is activated telepathically.[6]

Mary Marvel once told Captain Marvel that the only magic trick she wants to learn is the one that lets her shrink swelled heads. This of course was a jab at Captain Marvel, which embarrassed him, causing him to blush.[7]


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