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Series 1 – 1984
06 Hawkman

The Winged Wonder

Following a criminal who had escaped from his home planet of Thanagar to Earth, Katar Hol settled in Midway City and adopted the name Carter Hall and the guise of Hawkman. Choosing to remain on Earth, Hawkman uses his advanced scientific knowledge to fight crime and fly around like, well, a hawk. Hawkman is joined on many exploits by his wife, Hawkwoman, also from Thangar (which is near Rann).

Figure Stats:
Hawkman is larger than most of the other figures. He comes with a mace and huge wings that actually flap when his legs are squeezed together. His body would be reused as the Robin Hood figures Dark Warrior and Little John.

One of the only times Hawkman has been made into a figure, which is surprising considering how long Katar Hol has been around.

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Super Powers Collection


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Series 1 - 1984

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