Harvey Harris
Harvey Harris 2 (Detective Comics 226)
Real name: Harvey Harris
AKA: Detective
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Relatives: Wendy Harris (niece)
Occupation: Detective
Base: Gotham City

Harvey Harris was a detective from Gotham City.

He -- The only man who ever solved my identity-secret -- He was a greater detective than I!

— The Batman. Quote from ''Detective Comics, #226 (December, 1955)

Background Information

On the parallel earth of Earth-1A, Young Bruce approached Harvey after having been recently orphaned. He had a little 'hero-worship', because Harvey stood on the side of justice. Bruce would often watch the detective from afar, dressed in a costume that he had designed. On one fateful evening, the costumed child approached the great Harvey Harris. It was Harris who came up with the name 'Robin' for young Bruce, thinking he looked as brilliant as a 'robin redbreast' in his red, green and yellow costume. Harvey became a mentor and trained young Bruce Wayne in criminal detection.[1]

Harvey also has a niece named Wendy Harris, who is a Junior SuperFriends Member.[2] This would explain why she was associated with the SuperFriends.



Silver Age / Bronze Age Appearance:

  • Detective Comics, #226 (December, 1955)

SuperFriends Comic Book:


  • Harvey Harris was created by Edmond Hamilton and Dick Sprang.
  • He first appeared in Detective Comics, #226 (December, 1955).


  1. As revealed in Detective Comics, #226 (December, 1955) and Untold Legend of the Batman, #1 (July, 1980).
  2. E. Nelson Bridwell explains in the letters column of the SuperFriends Comic Book issue #1 (November 1976), that she may have been the Earth-One version of the Earth-Two character, Wendi Harris Tyler, wife of the first Hourman. Try as Bridewell did, he could not merge everything in the SuperFriends Universe with the Earth-One Universe. It is for this reason that fans dubbed the SuperFriends Universe, Earth-1A.
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