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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law is a television show on Cartoon Network. It has had references to the Super Friends series at times, and Apache Chief and Black Vulcan have even been seen as recurring characters.


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Super Friends references

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Apache Chief and Black Vulcan appear as fired Super Friends. "They SAID it was some sort of budget thing, but I think it's because I complained that they were always pairin' me up with a white Super Friend; like I was gonna start super-lootin' the minute they weren't watchin'! And you think I named MYSELF 'Black Vulcan'? HELL NO! I used to go by 'Supervolt'! 'Black Vulcan' was Aquaman's idea. And I said, well maybe we should call you 'White Fish'!"

In "Very Personal Injury", Zan of the Wonder Twins is called in as a witness, explaining how Apache Chief came to rescue people when Wonder Woman was taking a personal day. He then explains he knows this because he was Wonder Woman's bathwater. A flashback is shown of Wonder Woman taking a bath, with Zan saying "form of... loufa"

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