Haron was the fifth planet of the Rao system.[2]

This planet had a ring system.[3]

The possibility that Haron survived the expansion of Rao does exist, as it was further out in the system than Krypton and the other planets. Still, it's fate remains a uncertain.[4]



  1. As seen in the Super Friends season 1 episode The Planet-Splitter (1973).
  2. This is conjecture based upon Earth-One continuity.
    A planet resembling Haron could be seen in The Planet-Splitter, but whether or not this was intended to be that planet is uncertain.
  3. As seen in The Planet-Splitter (1973).
  4. 1983's The Krypton Syndrome revealed that it was the expansion of the star that destroyed Krypton. The extent of the nova wasn't revealed, and it may have not extended beyond Krypton, thus there is a possibility that Haron survived.
  5. The Super Friends Wiki chooses not to use the name "Dheron" for this page, since Earth-1A more closely mirrors Earth-One than it does Earth-1.

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