Clark Kent hears a radio report about an orphanage on fire in Harlem.[1]

Harlem is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is well-known for being predominantly an African-American community.

Once Ghetto Man, who is apparently from Harlem, said during a celebrity roast of the Super Friends that Hawkman isn't so tough, and if he was walking through Harlem with those wings, by the time he got to Lenox Avenue he'd be "Kentucky Fried."

Once, in an alternate reality, Clark Kent heard a radio report about an orphanage on fire, he was about to change into Superman, but when he found out that the orphanage was in Harlem, he just got back in his seat, since in this continuity, Superman is racist.

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  1. As seen in Superman's Dark Secret.
  2. This is only implied, not directly stated.

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