Handheld minimizer

Handheld minimizer[1]

The handheld minimizer is the smaller, handheld version of Doctor Hiram Gulliver's miniaturizing ray, of which the larger version is called the Sonic Microwave Reducer, which was later replaced by Gulliver's radio and television transmitting shrinking machine.

The device is small enough to be held by hand, and it functions like a handheld ray gun, similar to Brainiac's Proton Shrinker.

After Batman and Robin sabotaged the Sonic Microwave Reducer, Gulliver was forced to start using his handheld minimizer, since it would take days to fix his machine.

The first known victim of his handheld minimizer was Superman, whom he lured into a trap, making it appear that the Dynamic Duo was in peril, but it was actually inflateable dummies.

Next, he went after Aquaman in the the South Atlantic, luring him with a false report about a ship in distress.

He then used his cat Igor to get close to Wonder Woman, which he then shrunk with Gulliver's handheld minimizer.

After that, he then goes to Vanderbulge Mansion and shrinks two security guards and Mr. Vanderbulge himself.[2]

After Gulliver's Ultimate Plan is ultimately foiled, Marvin White takes the handheld minimizer, and used the reverse function, so that his school basketball team would be taller than all the other teams. This allows them to win five games in a row. Marvin is dishonest about stealing the device however, and he tells the Super Friends that he hadn't been using it, and that his basketball team won six games in a row due to playing against girls.[3]


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