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Green Lantern
Real name: Harold Jordan
AKA: Colonel Hal Jordan
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: Harold Jordan (cousin)
Jack Jordan (brother)[1]
Jim Jordan (brother)[2]
Apprentice: Tom Kalmaku
Occupation: Test pilot
Intergalactic Space Patrolman
Base: Sector 2814
Hall of Justice
Coast City
Affiliations: Justice League of America
Green Lantern Corps
Ferris Aircraft
U.S. Air Force
Rogue of: Sinestro (arch-enemy)
Abilities: Energy constructs
Weaponry: Power Ring
Power Battery
Voiced/Played: Michael Rye
Hal Jordan Gallery

SuperFriends / Justice League of America Team Member

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!
Hal Jordan, Showcase, #22 (October, 1959)

Hal Jordan [3]

Green Lantern (09x08 - The Death of Superman).png

Hal Jordan is the greatest Green Lantern, an Intergalactic Space Patrolman and member of the Green Lantern Corps, chosen by the Guardians of the Universe for his ability to overcome great fear.

The strength of his willpower allows him to wield the universe's mightiest weapon, a power ring controlled by his thoughts.

In his secret identity he is a test pilot working for Ferris Aircraft where his boss Carol Ferris is also his romantic interest. His powers are useless against anything colored yellow. He is also a founding member of the Justice League.

Background Information

Continuity from Earth-One

Earth-One Continuity

The Secret Origin Of Green Lantern 1978

The Origin of Green Lantern

In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, not much is known about Hal's early life. We do know that upon returning to Coast City after a visit to Metropolis University, young Jordan met Clark Kent of Smallville. Their plane hit heavy turbulence which spun the aircraft out of control. Jordan helped calm frightened passengers while Clark Kent secretly stabilized the 707 jet liner. A few nights later, Jordan's life was jeopardized by his lack of fear. He inadvertently came across a smuggling ring while scuba diving and charged in without concern for his safety. Jordan was taken aboard their World War II submarine but was later rescued by the authorities when the submarine was run aground by mysterious forces. Superboy tells Hal that he must learn to combine his quality of fearlessness with good judgment in order to keep from placing his life or the lives of others in jeopardy. Hal takes the words to heart.[4]

After high school, Jordan enrolled in a West Coast College and earned a degree in aviation engineering. Following that, Jordan enlisted in the Air Force and served under Captain Richard Davis. The commanding officer became mentor and lifelong friend to the young pilot.[5]

Another Air Force friend of Hal's, pilot Bill Davis, was killed in Korea. Over the years, Hal kept in touch with Bill's elderly parents, Sally and Steve Davis. [Note: There does not appear to be any relation between Richard Davis and Bill's family].[6]

With his degree in aviation engineering, Jordan easily rejoined civilian life. He designed a flightless trainer for the Ferris Aircraft Corporation in Coast City, California and for some time was Ferris' number one test pilot. Though his aviation career showed great promise, Jordan was passed over by the astronaut program. Metropolis reporter Clark Kent interviewed the young test pilot for the Daily Planet.[7]

Jordan soon met Carol Ferris the daughter of owner Carl Ferris and the two began to date.

On one notable occasion (February of 1971 in the Earth-1A universe), as Hal was patrolling the Canaveral a day before Ferris Aircraft was to launch a new booster rocket for the 'Explorer Project', he was shot at by someone with a ray-gun. Taking cover, he informed his superiors. And in less than a half an hour he found himself embroiled in a Martian invasion and a kidnapped alien. Soon, the launch pad at Ferris Aircraft contained Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Rex the Wonder Dog. They had hoped to find a missing hero and soon to be ally Martian Manhunter. They soon discover a plot to kill the Manhunter, Flash had spoken about. He was strapped to the top of the booster rocket. Just then, Commander Blanx, and a small squadron of White Martians strike. In the battle that ensued, our heroes defeat Blanx and his men, and rescue the captive J'onn J'onzz. After their success, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and the Manhunter discuss forming a club or a society to uphold Justice in the World. Batman says he’s not much of a joiner and the rest discuss the panic that was involved in this Martian excursion and the fear that coming together as a team with a Martian might foster. So they decide to wait until the time is right. Hal Jordan and the gathered reporters present also offer their oath of silence believing that global panic would not be good.[8]

In October of that same year, a space-patrolman named Abin Sur of the Green Lantern Corps crash lands in the middle of the California desert. As he lays dying, he commands his power ring to seek out a worthy successor for Sector 2814 – one who proves to be fearless and strong-willed. Miles away, test pilot Hal Jordan is examining a stationary ‘flight simulator’ at the Ferris Aircraft Company when a corona of green light envelops him, pulling him along with the simulator to the spot of Abin Sur's crashed vessel. Abin Sur tells Hal that the 'power' of the ring selected him to take on the role of the Green Lantern. He gives him the ring and a power battery. He instructs him that the ring will obey his every command but is powerless against anything colored yellow. He also tells him that the ring's energy must be charged from the power battery once every twenty-four hours. Hal agrees to accept the responsibility of wielding the ring in the cause of justice, and, with that, Abin Sur passes away. Hal Jordan is now Green Lantern.[9] This historical-transaction was concealed from the Guardians because of an 'Ion-Storm.'[10]

About nine-months later, the Guardians realize they have a new recruit and decide to check on him. While he is in-flight, testing a new aircraft, his ‘astral-form’ is transported to the world of the Guardians, who seek to know who took over the role of Green Lantern in that sector of space from Abin Sur. Hal recounts the events that led to him becoming the Green Lantern. Convinced that Hal is worthy of the title, but not ready to know of their existence; they erase his memory and return his astral form to his physical body. Aside from a feeling of dizziness, Hal is unaware of what just happened.[11]

On one memorable occasion, Green Lantern saves fellow co-worker, Eskimo mechanic Thomas "Pieface" Kalmaku from some ruffians. As Green Lantern, Hal then helps Tom, by taking him up to Alaska to track the crooks who stole something from him. Returning to the states, Tom reveals to Hal that he knows that he is Green Lantern because he noticed both have the exact same fighting style. Instead of wiping Tom's mind with his power ring, Hal decides to let Tom remember.[12] He soon became Green Lantern’s non-costumed sidekick, accompanying him on several missions.

A few years later (February 1973 in the Earth-1A universe), Hal as Green Lantern joins forces again, with the Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter to stop the invading Appellaxians. The assembling resulted in the formation of Justice League of America![13]

Hal's Filmation appearance, 1967.

A Venusian named Kairo assisted Hal Jordan as his mechanic/sidekick. Typically, Kairo had the blue skin and pointy ears of his race, and because he had no super powers was prone to need rescuing, although he did contribute a fair amount as well.[14]

Hal ‘hit the road’ with liberal and outspoken friend, Oliver Queen. Together they embark on a quest in a beat-up pickup truck to "find America," along the way witnessing the problems of corruption, racism, pollution, as well as overpopulation confronting the nation. Each would find their beliefs challenged by the other. Jordan wanted to work within the system and was more concerned about dealing with criminals; where Oliver advocated social change. He did manage to convince Jordan to see beyond his strict obedience to the Green Lantern Corps, and to help those who were neglected or discriminated against. As Ollie and Hal traveled the country, they were occasionally joined by Dinah.[15] This was Hal’s first leave of absence for them the JLA.

Hal runs into an interesting and noteworthy predicament when he investigates an earthquake that hits Coast City. He saves the life of Guy Gardner, who is injured after being hit by a bus. Hal knows that this man is earths ‘back-up’ Green Lantern should something happen to him. Now he's lying in a hospital and will be for at least six months. This worries Hal. Suddenly, the image of one of the Guardians of the Universe appears, stating that there must be an alternate replacement selected – John Stewart.[16]

While tracking a thug in Star City, Green Arrow is ambushed and outnumbered. With an arm that has been injured several times in recent months, his archery isn't as accurate as it should be, but he risks firing an arrow to disarm a sniper. He is horrified when his bad arm causes him to miss his shot and kill the sniper. Dinah hears of this regrettable occurrence and calls Hal. Hal flies over to Oliver's tenement, arriving before anyone else. He finds Oliver's arrows broken and his costume shredded, leaving the question open as to Oliver's fate. [NOTE: Ollie however, telling no one, spends a few months in an ashram monastery, shedding the remaining trappings of his super-heroic life (including crashing the Arrowplane into a mountain).][17]

Continuity From SuperFriends / Earth-1A Universe (1975-85)

Earth-1A Continuity

According to Earth-1A continuity, in late 1975, shortly after the Martian Manhunter had left Earth,[18] the Justice League, believed that (as Superman stated), "the best way for us to combat crime and be prepared for world-wide emergencies is to work together. From now on, we'll be the SuperFriends."[19] The heroes on hand for this historic occasion were Aquaman, Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Black Vulcan and Samurai.[20] This arrangement was spear-headed by Superman, Batman (and Robin), Aquaman and Wonder Woman (the core-five) and included the training of young people (or Junior Super Friends) for law enforcement at the Hall of Justice. Marvin White and Wendy Harris, and later Zan and Jayna of the Wonder Twins are the first of the trainees.[21]

Exclusive to the Earth-1A universe, exists the Legion of Doom, an organized body of self-proposed Supervillains led by Lex Luthor. Aquaman, along with the SuperFriends and a few Justice Leaguers would battle the villainous group on many occasions for the remainder of the decade.

Soon, Lex Luthor, Cheetah and Sinestro team-up to target a few of the "greater Superfriends." They devise a plan to travel back in time to weaken the team by making sure that certain Justice Leaguers never existed (in addition to Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman were also targeted). Lex Luthor wanted to target the Green Lantern. So he travels back to the day Abin Sur was looking for a successor. Luthor convinces Colonel Jordan his life is in danger and instead is carried off by Abin Sur's green beam, Luthor was and becomes the Green Lantern instead. The damaged timeline is corrected when Black Vulcan, The Flash and Batman also go back in time to thwart Luthor and ensure Jordan fulfills his destiny of being the Green Lantern, thus saving their teammate.[22]

Continuity From Earth-One, Continued

Final Days as Green Lantern & The Crisis on Infinite Earths

On mission with the Arrow to take down the mysterious Professor Ojo of the League of Assassins, Hal’s ring malfunctions and does not work properly. So he is forced to travel to Oa, seeking it’s repair from the Guardians. But first, Hal seeks out his ‘back-up,’ Guy Gardner, who has been recovering these past months from his injuries. He explained to Guy his supportive role in Corps,[23] so he can ‘fill in’ and team-up with Green Arrow. On Oa, the Guardians explain to Hal that his power battery has become fundamentally flawed, and must be replaced before it malfunctions dangerously. They give him a new one, and tell him to safely dispose of the old one. Back on Earth, Guy Gardner and Ollie engage Professor Ojo, but lose the battle. Defeated and tired, Guy goes back to the power battery to recharge. Unfortunately, just before Hal can get back in time to warn him, there's an explosion from the power battery and Guy completely vanishes. Ollie, Dinah and Hal morn his loss.[24] Hal and Ollie, believing Guy is dead, continue to engage Professor Ojo. After they stop the professor, Hal as Green Lantern seeks out Kari Limbo, Guy’s girlfriend, to give her the bad news.[25]

Unbeknownst to our heroes, Guy is not dead, but trapped in the Phantom Zone. It is soon revealed that the imprisoned Kryptonians (including General Zod) can focus their wills through Guy and control his ring. The Arrow and Hal find out that Guy is in the Zone, so Hal goes to Superman at the Fortress for help. Superman, at Hal's request, sends him into the Zone alone, but not without a gift. While inside the Zone, Hal is able to use the gift, which is apparently deadly to Zoners. He is then able to free Guy, only to have a strange yellow beam appear, which pulls Guy away. Later, back at the Fortress, Hal and Superman surmise that the yellow beam came from Qward in the Antimatter Universe. Upon arrival, Hal finds Sinestro controlling Guy. After a brief battle, Hal rescues a delirious Guy, who is taken to Mercy Memorial Hospital where the doctor says he's never encountered this type of brain damage before. Guy sits there in a catatonic stupor. Kari arrives to take care of him and Hal/Green Lantern vows to continue searching for Sinestro.[26]

Jordan's second extended absence came when the Guardians exiled him into deep space[27] staying away from earth for a period of one year. He was exiled to prove his loyalty to the Green Lantern Corps, having been accused of paying too much attention to Earth when he had an entire "sector" of the cosmos to patrol. When he returns to Earth, he finds himself embroiled in a dispute with Carol Ferris. Jordan struggles with the tension between his duty to Carol and his duty to Corps. The Guardians call Jordan's backup, John Stewart, to regular duty as back-up while Hal decides.[28]

Soon, Ollie teams up with Hal to bring down the Demolition Team who recently destroyed Ferris Aircraft. After their defeat, Hal faces the choice of continuing as a ring-wielder, or quitting to stay with Carol Ferris.[29]

After the Justice League Satellite is destroyed during the Earth/Mars War,[30] Jordan decides turn in his ring to the Guardians, telling them he wishes to give up his heroic identity so he and Carol could marry[31] and Aquaman disbanded the original JLA.[32] John Stewart succeeds him as Green Lantern for earth Sector 2814.[33] At this point (according to Earth-1A continuity), Jordan has served in the JLA about eleven years.

As Hal’s marriage date to Carol approached, she became the evil Star Sapphire, preventing their marriage.[34]

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Main Article: Crisis on Infinite Earths

It is July 1985 – A new power is detected by the Guardians, that appears to be able to destroy entire worlds. They decide to track it carefully, in case they have an error in their readings.[35] Meanwhile, Hal is trying to adjust to life apart from the Green Lantern Corp and the loss of Carol Ferris from his life. He has a chance encounter with his old friend Tom Kalmaku and his family. They catch up on recent events in their lives, and Tom forgives Hal for not consulting him before quitting the Corps. Soon the skies overhead have turned red. Weather around the world is out of whack. All the signs point to the coming of Armageddon. The Harbinger appears to earth’s ‘newly’ appointed Green Lantern, John Stewart and takes him to the Monitor’s Satellite. He meets the others that have been summoned. John’s partner, Katma Tui sends a distress call to the Guardians of the Universe on Oa warning them about the impending Crisis. The Guardians inform her they plan to hold a council. At the meeting, the Guardians decide they will need to call in the entire Green Lantern Corps to deal with the threat, but before they can the Anti-Monitor sends a blast through the Central Power Battery and massacres all present. Oa is then surrounded by an impenetrable barrier. Unaware of this attack, Katma Tui goes to Hal to discuss ‘red skies’ and everything else that's been going wrong. After meeting with Katma, Hal visits the grave of Abin Sur, where he finds Guy Gardner (whom he believes is still in a coma) desecrating it, attempting to find the ‘Ring’ that he believes should rightfully be his. The two men fight, until a Guardian arrives to officially admit a new Green Lantern into the Corps – Guy Gardner! The Guardian informs Guy that since there is a ‘Crisis’ upon them, he is needed. He then informs Hal that since he has retired, he is no longer a part of their plans. Needless to say, Hal is not happy about that.[36]

Desperate for reinstatement into the Corps, Hal hitched a ride through space with Guy, but was jettisoned onto the planet surface before arriving at the Oan Citadel. Hal lands on the desert side of Oa.[37] Meanwhile, in the Citadel, six Guardians (not all Guardians agree with course of action, believing it to be a futile attempt), tell Guy about the current ‘Crisis’ and its origins in Krona’s scientific work, the birth of the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor and the massive waves from the Anti-Matter Universe that is consuming the positive-matter universes. The Guardians also reveal that they have been using their own power to charge a secondary power battery, since the destruction of the first one. This battery does not compare to Oa’s Central Power Battery, but will be strong enough to power rings for a ‘new’ Green Lantern Corps to combat the Anti-Monitor – a select group that will bring order to the stars. As the Guardians explain this to Guy, Hal is able to find a research tunnel that will lead him to the Citadel. After his long trek through the tunnel he comes upon Oa’s Central Power Battery and finds it depleted of power. But that is not the worst of it. He finds several Guardian’s there as well in what appears to be held in suspended animation in a stasis beam. He counts fifteen and realizes this leaves twenty-one Guardians free. He is confronted by K'ryssma and Apros, two of the Corps Honor Guards. He expresses his desire for an audience with the Guardians. They refuse him passage. He protests claiming to honor Corps despite his failings. They are interrupted by the Guardians who accept his request. Hal tells them that he is eager to help avert the ‘Crisis’, but the Guardians tell him the time for them to protect the Multiverses has come to an end and that they all must die. Hal protests, and explains that there is at least one Guardian who is not accepting defeat – the one who summoned Guy Gardner. They concede, understanding that just as the Universe is a Multiverse, so the Guardians are of diverse minds. They then turn to Hal, recognizing the Universes impending doom and tell him that his decision to return the ring was final and that he will never be a Green Lantern again, but be consoled, ‘never’ will be a short time and send him back to earth.[38] Suddenly, a cosmic crimson anti-matter flame from beyond the void washes over Oa. The Green Lantern Citadel is destroyed and all but one of the six Guardians are killed. Guy Gardner swears allegiance, becoming the Green Lantern for earth Sector 2814 and is tasked by the sole surviving Guardian to complete a mission of vengeance.[39]

Guy heads out on his mission,[40] (He has been commissioned to resurrect one of Green Lantern's deadliest enemies, the Shark) and Hal Jordan, who is back on earth, instead of lamenting over his fate at the hands of the Guardians, holds his head high and proclaims that he is Hal Jordan, test-pilot and former Green Lantern. He decides to seek out John Stewart and heads to John’s apartment for a much need discussion. John has just returned from the mission the Monitor had sent him on in the 19th century.[41] John who was initially happy that his mission went well, becomes discouraged to learn from Kat that the Crisis is not over. She encourages John to get some much needed rest, and sends her energy-twin to tour her home Sector, 1417. John takes the physical form of Kat back to his apartment for protection. Soon, Hal arrives at John’s apartment and shares three things: (1) that he is John’s predecessor; (2) his experience to aid in the Crisis and (3) that Guy Gardner has been chosen by some of the Guardians and sent on a secret mission. John is unaware of who Guy is, so Hal gives the jet-tour explanation as to Guy’s equality in being chosen Green Lantern and then explains how the Guardians are split on how to handle the Crisis. While they're talking, the Shark leaps through the window intent on killing Hal Jordan. John Stewart faces off against Shark, and subdues him. Guy Gardner appears, and reveals that his mission is to assemble and launch a ‘supervillain assault’ on the Anti-Monitor's birthplace on Qward. The two Lanterns quickly come into conflict, and prepare to fight it out.[42]

As Guy and John argue about what to do with the recently captured Shark, and their loyalties to the opposing factions in the Guardians, the Shark escapes. Gardner knocks John unconscious and catches up with the Shark and explains that he's being enlisted for an assault mission to destroy one of the moons of Qward, in an effort to save the multiverse. Gardner and the Shark go off to find more villains together. Waking up, Stewart goes to search for Hal Jordan who he had flung to safety in space shortly before his fight. Unable to find him, he goes looking for Gardner. Katma Tui, realizing the Crisis is not yet over flies back to Earth. Stewart, finally catches up with him at the same time as Katma Tui. The two prepare to fight, but are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Hal Jordan, now carrying his own Green Lantern Ring. [NOTE: A dissenting Guardian, believing that Guy has suffered permanent brain-damage, re-commissioned Hal as a Green Lantern to help steer Guy toward the right path.] He explains how he has been deputized to help Guy Gardner with his mission. While some Guardians believe that death at the hands of the Anti-Monitor is inevitable, others believe the answer to be destroying the Anti-Monitor's birthplace, on one of the moons of Qward. When Jordan convinces Stewart and Katma Tui of his plight, he and Gardner are allowed passage to the antimatter universe of Qward. After they've left, Sinestro appears with a warning from the Guardians themselves. The moon of Qward must not be destroyed. To prevent its destruction, he will have to team up with Stewart and Katma to help save it, or else it could mean the end of the very universe![43]

Stewart is able to use displaced energy produced from contact between Green and Yellow energies to propel himself to Oa to confront the Guardians much faster than he would normally would. Upon arrival, he finds assembled the remaining members of the Green Lantern Corps, including Tomar-Re, K'ryssma, Apros, Arisia Rrab, Ch'p and Xax. Although it is discovered that Sinestro had been lying to gain access to Oa, the danger he explained was very real. The Central Power Battery, speaking through Tomar-Re explains that the destruction of the Anti-Monitor's birthplace will remove his tethers to the mortal world, and in effect make him much more powerful than he had ever been before. The Guardians launch a counter-strike composed of all active members of the Corps to stop Guy Gardner's team in the Antimatter Universe. When Gardner's villains and the rest of the Corps meet, they clash and there's a gigantic battle in the Antimatter Universe! As Gardner prepares to destroy the Anti-Monitors' birthplace, he is confronted by Stewart, the last man standing between him and the unintentional destruction of the universe. They engage in a battle of wills, and Stewart, the more experienced Lantern, wins with sheer power.[44]

Unaware that also in the Anti-matter universe another battle rages on. It is in this battle that the Anti-Monitor is defeated once-and-for-all.[45] As the Anti-Monitor dies, somehow all fighting are able to sense it, and the combat is ceased, while the fighters collect their dead and injured, simply glad that the Crisis is over. Tomar-Re dies, and his Ring is passed on to John Stewart, who is able to give the ring he's been using (originally the ring of Abin Sur) back to Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan becomes an official Green Lantern once more – He emerges as the primary Green Lantern of the New Earth.[46]

Powers and Abilities







The ring is ineffective against anything colored yellow.[47]

It must also be recharged at Green Lantern's power battery every 24 hours to remain functional.

Justice League Team Members


  • Like the recreation of the Golden Age Flash for the Silver Age version, Schwartz wanted a new version of Green Lantern to have a different secret identity, origin, and personality than his 1940s counterpart. He enlisted writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane, who in 1959 would reintroduce Green Lantern to the world in Showcase vol. 1, #22 (October, 1959).[48]


  • Hal Jordan was developed after an initial concept by editor Julius Schwartz and loosely modeled after actor Paul Newman, who was then neighbor of Green Lantern artist Gil Kane.[49]
  • Peter David wrote Hal Jordan into a Marvel Comics issue. He is seen in a psychiatric hospital shortly after Zero Hour as a mental patient, with the events of that story taking place inside his mind.[50]

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