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HBO Max is a WarnerMedia company owned by AT&T.

It is HBO's online streaming service that allows customers to stream films and TV shows to their various devices.

The Adventures of Aquaman, which was previously available on DC UNIVERSE, became available on HBO Max in February 2021.

By the eighteenth of June 2021, the Superfriends was available to stream on HBO Max; featuring every single episode of the series; including the season 3 episodes that were not included on the DC UNIVERSE streaming service.

Other non-Superfriends material on HBO Max is Batman: The Animated Series,[1] Batman: The Brave and the Bold and many other DC Comics films and television series.

HBO Max's Programming


  1. Note: The episodes of Batman: The Animated Series are available to stream in completion, however they are in airdate order, not in production order. As such, certain storylines that took place over more than one episode are completely non-linear. DC UNIVERSE however, played all of the episodes in the proper production order rather than airdate order, although the episodes from Kids WB were separated and called "The New Batman Adventures."

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