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A man holding a gun.[1]

A gun, or firearm,[2] was a deadly weapon that could fire bullets, energy blasts or other types of ammunition.

Many bad guys used guns, especially their henchmen. Also, Law Enforcement officers, as well as Military officers used guns as well.

Someone who had the skill to use a gun was called a marksman. Most guns were lethal, and in most cases one who was shot by one had a good chance of facing death. However some guns only rendered one unconscious or stunned, such as a stun ray. There are also toy guns.

When Wendy Harris discovered a diamond in Molesville, Batman said: "Great guns, it's a diamond!"[3]

Types of guns


  1. As seen in the opening theme of The New Adventures of Superman (1966).
  2. It should be noted that although the terms "firearm" and "Gun" are often used synonymously, the two do not always refer to the same thing. This is because not all firearms are always considered guns. Some people refer to "guns" as a type of "firearm" that can be held by hand, whereas other types, that are held with two hands, or in or some other manner, may not be considered a type of gun, but it would be considered a firearm. The term "Handgun" however, makes this distinguishable. In the military, the term "gun" is used to describe tank guns, and ship guns, but not always hand held projectile weaponry.
  3. As seen in the Superfriends season one episode The Mysterious Moles (1973).

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