A man holding a gun.[1]

A gun, or firearm,[2] is a deadly weapon that can fire bullets, energy blasts or other projectiles. Many bad guys use guns, especially their henchmen. Also, Law Enforcement officers, as well as Military officers use guns as well. Someone who has the skills to use a gun is called a marksman. Most guns are lethal, and in most cases one who is shot by one has a good chance of facing death. However some guns only render one unconscious or stunned, such as a stun ray.

Guns that can be operated with one hand are referred to as Handguns.

Types of guns


  1. As seen in the opening theme of The New Adventures of Superman.
  2. It should be noted that although the terms "firearm" and "Gun" are often used synonymously, the two do not always refer to the same thing. This is because not all firearms are always considered guns.
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