Gulliver's Ultimate Plan

Doctor Gulliver prepares to unleash his ultimate plan.[1]

Gulliver's Ultimate Plan was a scheme Doctor Hiram Gulliver had orchestrated to solve the problem Earth was facing with the population explosion.


For an unspecified period of time during the 1970s, and possibly earlier, Doctor Hiram Gulliver was doing research into methods to help solve the Earth's population problem.

As a scientist, he had invented a shrink ray, and that would become the basis of his plan. He tested his shrink ray; the Sonic Microwave Reducer, which he used to shrink everyone at the United States Space Center, as well as an airplane pilot. At this point, it was clear that his machine was capable of shrinking anyone down to two-inches in height.

His machine was sabotaged by Batman and Robin, but fortunately for him, he had a handheld minimizer, which he then used to resume his plan...

The Plan

After shrinking and kidnapping the Justice League, he steals the Vanderbulge Star Sapphire, a rare sapphire; and reportedly the largest in the world, he used it to power his new shrinking machine. This time, his machine transmitted its' signal through television and radio broadcasts, causing virtually everyone on Earth to be shrunken.


After Green Arrow entered the case, he rescued the captured and shrunken Superfriends, he himself now a tiny man as well. He fashioned himself a small quiver and bow and arrow, and assaulted Gulliver's Castle. The man is defeated, and his plan foiled.

The Super Friends find a way to reverse the shrinking machine and return to Earth's population to its' normal size.


  1. As seen in the Superfriends season 1 episode Gulliver's Gigantic Goof (1973).
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