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December 8, 1973
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Gulliver's Gigantic Goof is the fourteenth episode of the first season of the Super Friends. This episode tackled the issue of the population problem, in which a scientist named Doctor Hiram Gulliver invents a shrink ray capable of shrinking the entire population of Earth down to two-inches tall. This of course is not considered a good thing by the Superfriends or anyone else on Earth, so he is considered the antagonist of the story.

Perhaps the episode is best known for featuring the first appearance of Green Arrow, the famous archer from DC Comics. Although this was the only time he was seen in Super Friends' animation, he later appears in the Super Friends comics. Although not much of Green Arrow's character is fleshed out in this one episode, he is referred to by the narrator as a "staunch member of the Justice League of America."

This episode also introduces a new city in the Super Friends universe, Harbor City; which is portrayed as being not far from Gotham City, although the exact geographical location is not revealed, keeping it quite vague. There was a Harbor City in DC Comics, but it's uncertain if it was supposed to be the same city, because it was several years later that Harbor City shows up in the comics.

While the First Manned-Mission to Mars is presented in this episode there was a base shown in the earlier aired The Androids. However the events can still be in the sequence they were aired. Taking our cue form the 1968 science fiction film the Countdown, we are presented with an incident depicting a survival pod that is sent to the moon followed by an astronaut on a one way rocket to beat the Russians. So the base could have been sent to Mars in an unmanned spacecraft before the astronauts. This seems to make a lot of sense, since this was referred to as the first "manned" mission to Mars.

Plot Summary

A scientist tries to cure the problems of overpopulation by shrinking the human race to only a few inches high.

Plot Summary

Plot Summary for ‘Gulliver's Gigantic Goof’

At the United States Space Center, the countdown to a very important space launch is about to begin for a first mission to the planet Mars. The two astronauts climb aboard, and hundreds of thousands of spectators gather together to observe the blastoff. The voice of the Flight Controller comes over the Mars 1's radio, he tells the astronauts they are clear for countdown, and the Flight Controller begins counting down 90 seconds.

While at the Hall of Justice, the Super Friends are watching the Mars 1 on the Justice League Monitor. Wendy Harris expresses to the rest of the Superfriends how excited she is that these two men will be the first Earthmen to walk on Mars. Wonder Woman then tells her it certainly is exciting. Marvin White then interrupts with his usual silly shenanigans walking on stilts and holding a ball. He tells her they are always losing games because no one on the school basketball team is tall enough. But he then falls down, and his stilts end up breaking. He then admits that it isn't always easy to do things the easy way. Batman tells the kids they are about to miss the blastoff. The countdown continues...forty-five, 44, 43, 42...

Not too many miles from the space center, in a castle, someone else is watching the Mars rocket countdown. He then tells his cat named Igor that he's about to put his theories to the test. He sees the crowd in the audience and decides they are the perfect test subjects for his machine. He goes on to say that they laughed at his ideas to solve the world's problems, but he goes on to say "we'll see who laughs now." He then launches a hot air balloon out of his castle. The balloon is in flight, and it stops over by the Mars 1 rocket and just hovers there, and then the screen goes blank.

Wendy wonders why the screen went blank as did the rest of the Superfriends. Just then Colonel Wilcox can be seen on the screen and he tells the Super Friends they had lost communications with the space center. He told Superman that everyone there had disappeared and that he and the other Justice Leaguers had better get there immediately. Superman tells him they're on the way.

They immediately depart and find the space center deserted, and the place has gone haywire, with no on at the controls. Wonder Woman notices that the launch tower is falling, and she uses her Lasso of Truth to pull it back upright. Batman and Robin shut off the fuel lines so that the rocket fuel won't explode from heating up. Superman then rescues the astronauts, he unlatches the space capsule from the rocket, and brings the astronauts down to safety. Batman and Robin now struggle to disconnect a fuel line. Just then, flaming fuel surrounds them. Aquaman tries to douse the flaming fuel with water from a hose. He tells them to get out of there, because the whole thing's gonna blow. Superman then grabs the rocket, and tosses it into space as it explodes at a safe distance from Earth. Batman and Aquaman then run over to the capsule and open the door, but the are shocked by what they discover. Robin then tells them that he and Wonder Woman just discovered thousands of tiny people, only two inches high. Batman then tells him he believes him, because the astronauts too are tiny.

At one of the most advanced science facilities in the country, a government research team looks into the problem. Doctor Curum tells everyone that the atoms and molecules in Astronaut Ellis's body have been rearranged and condensed, causing him to shrink. Batman asks how that is possible, but the doctor doesn't know. Wilcox asks Ellis if there is anything he can tell them. He then tells him that everything was set to go and they were just about to blastoff when, zap, suddenly they were shrunk.

While not too many miles from Gotham City, Doctor Gulliver is talking to his cat about how his experiment was a success. He has his balloon fly over Harbor City for the next step in his plan. This time, when he turns on the Sonic Microwave Reducer, every adult human within five miles will be shrunk. This is all part of his plan to shrink every grown-up down to an economical, convenient size, all that is, except him and the cat. He goes on to say that animals aren't affected by the miniaturizing ray, due to the difference in metabolic rate. He then states that even the people that laughed at him will be forced to look up to him. He then laughs.

Meanwhile, the people of Harbor City go about their daily business, unaware of the strange little turn their lives are about to take. The machine in the balloon then activates, and an airplane is flying by, and the pilot calls the tower: "Pilot to tower, pilot to tower, Jet Cargo 847. I'm approaching Harbor City Airport." The air traffic control man responds, saying he's clear for a landing. But just then the balloon appears in front of the jet, and the pilot is shrunk.

And not long later, the TroubAlert sounds at Justice League Headquarters. Wonder Woman looks at the printout, and she says: "Great Athena, Harbor City seems to have gone berserk!" An airplane is heading out to sea instead of landing at the airport, subway trains are racing out of control under the city, about to collide; and a submarine is going too deep putting itself in imminent danger. Superman then says to the heroes: "Let's go Justice Leaguers!"

The Man of Steel flies at supersonic speed to intercept the runaway jet. He catches it and lands it safely. Wonder Woman uses every ounce of her Olympian strength, and stops the trains from colliding. The kids, watching from the Hall, cheer.

While at sea, Aquaman is riding on some flying fish, and he uses his aquatic telepathy to a couple of light fish, which can provide their own light source at such dark ocean depths. Aquaman takes a ride on a Devil Ray, descending to those depths, and he gets some blowfish to race into action to save the sub, which is about to fall off a ledge. Aquaman then tosses a rope around the large watercraft, and he pulls on it, while the blowfish blow on it, bringing back to safer depths.

Back at the scientific research center, Superman appears over the screen telling everyone he's flown over the entire area, and every adult in Harbor City is two inches tall. Robin then says: "Leaping Leprechauns!" Doctor Curum tells Superman they still no nothing, even after examining the food, air and water at the launch site. He holds his tobacco pipe up to his face and goes on to say that the only thing they know for sure, is that it doesn't effect animals or children. Just then, a military man named Private Smith walks in and tells his superior Wilcox, that a large circus-like balloon is heading there way, which he saw on the radar. Superman then reported that the crew of the airplane he rescued said they had spotted a balloon just before they were shrunk, a large painted balloon. Robin then asks Ellis if there was a balloon at the launch site. Ellis, standing on a box of matches definitely remembered it, but he hadn't took much note of it until then, he figured it was a publicity stunt. Batman then asks Wilcox to have Private Smith track the balloon. Batman and Robin then race to the Batcopter.

They then approach the balloon in the Batcopter, and put it on autopilot, and swing into action, using their batropes. To their surprise, the device starts to shrink them, since Gulliver activated it from his castle. They then jump to the gondola, since they can no longer hold on to the rope, which to them is now quite huge. They then attempt to turn the machine off, but they are bombarded by a gas attack, which causes them to flip backward off the gondola, but they find a way to grab on and get inside the machine. Gulliver tells his cat to push the "automatic-return" button. The cat does just so. Meanwhile, inside the machine, Batman and Robin sabotage the circuitry and mechanical parts of the machine. Batman and Robin then jump out of the machine, which at this point is smoking, and they find themselves inside Gulliver's castle. Batman is surprised to see they are in a castle--in America. Gulliver explains that he had the castle shipped to America from England piece by piece, and that it was a family heirloom. They then realize that he's the man that they are after. He reaches his hand out to grab the tiny crusaders, but they make a run for it. Batman tells Robin they have to find a telephone or two-way radio so they can contact Justice League Headquarters. They quickly locate a phone and they climb up the telephone cord. Batman then removes the receiver, which is a hard job for such a small Batman. Just as they are about to dial the telephone number, the cat spots them and chases them. They then find themselves in the grip of a powerful air suction, which turns out to be a vacuum cleaner Gulliver uses to capture them. He then removes them from the vacuum cleaner and places them in glass bottles. Gulliver then tells them that it will take days to repair his machine, but fortunately he still has his handheld minimizer. He goes on to tell them that he will get more bottles to put the rest of the Justice League of America in, because they stand in his way of immortality. He goes on to explain that he is saving the world from one of the world's biggest problems: the population explosion. By shrinking everybody, there will be more food to eat, and he shows them some peanuts, which would be just a mouthful of food for a normal sized person, but for a small person; it's enough food to live on for a month. He then shows them a toy car, and explains that a real car that size would require just a drop of gasoline, instead of gallons. Parks, beaches and playgrounds would also never be overcrowded. He goes on to say that the world will be beautiful once again, once everyone had been shrunk to two inches tall. He tells them that the world will thank him, but Batman tells him they'll do just the opposite, they will condemn him. Robin tells Gulliver the Justice League of America will stop him, but Gulliver tells him they will soon join them on his trophy shelf. He then tells Igor to come with him, as now he has a plan to capture Superman.

Superman, in flight over Gotham City is searching for Batman and Robin, using his telescopic vision to cover the area. He then notices the daylight bat-signal, he then realizes they are in trouble. He touches down in a snow covered area where the signal was coming from, and he notices what he thinks is the Caped Crusaders in a minecart, rolling downhill on railroad tracks, to an obstruction that they are about to crash into. Superman saves them, but then he realizes that they are just inflated rubber dummies. Just then Superman realizes that this could be a trap. Just then, the unseen Doctor Gulliver pops out from under a blanket in the minecart and blasts Superman with his ray, shrinking him. Gulliver tells him that not only is he reduced in size, but also his super powers have been reduced as well. Superman is so small that he falls into his own footprint in the snow. Gulliver packs snow around the Man of Steel, thinking he has ensnared him in a snowball, but Superman bursts out of the snow, and flies up to face Gulliver. He then begins interrogating Gulliver, asking him where Batman and Robin is, he tells them they are safe, and tries to catch him with a butterfly net. He is not successful though, and Superman tells him he'll never catch him, despite shrinking him. He then asks where Batman and Robin is again, warning the villain that he is beginning to get angry. Igor, unseen by Superman, tosses a snowball at Superman, he dodges it, but then is captured by the butterfly net. Gulliver then jokes to Igor about how they should tryout for the Dodgers since Igor can pitch and Gulliver can catch. He then puts Superman in a bottle and takes him back to his castle. At the castle, Superman has joined Batman and Robin on the trophy shelf. He then begins phase three of his master plan, the perfect plan to capture Aquaman.

At the Hall of Justice, the remaining Superfriends are wondering what happened to the Dynamic Duo and the Man of Steel, although there are no clues to there whereabouts. Aquaman said that since Batman and Robin intercepted the balloon, there's been no more people shrinking. Just then, the TroubAlert sounds. They then learn that a freighter has sunk in a gigantic whirlpool in the South Atlantic, with some survivors on a raft on top of a two-hundred foot waterspout. "Great galloping seahorses!" Aquaman says, realizing he must do something fast.

While in the South Atlantic, Gulliver is with his cat Igor, who is incredibly dizzy, resting on a boat on top of a the waterspout. Gulliver then says: "Nothing like a little fresh salt air, eh, Igor?" Aquaman then arrives on his Aqua-Scooter. He then asks Gulliver, who he thinks is the captain, where the rest of the crew is. Gulliver then admits that there wasn't any crew, freighter or whirlpool. He then shrinks him and puts him in a bottle.

At the castle, Aquaman has joined his friends in the bottle collection. He asks if there's anyway to get out of there. And Superman tells him that his powers are reduced too much to be of any help to them. Batman then decides that they should tip the bottles and they might break from the fall. Superman agrees it's a good idea. The bottle falls, but it doesn't break, and Gulliver picks the bottle back up telling Superman they are unbreakable bottles. He then cuts off a pink ribbon and ties it into a bow around Igor's neck. And he decides to pay a visit to Wonder Woman.

At the Hall, Wonder Woman reads a letter that Marvin White and Wendy Harris wrote about how Aquaman went to help some people in the Sargasso Sea and they went to see Colonel Wilcox. Just then, a knock is heard at the door. She looks outside to see Igor in a basket. She reads the note on it which says: "From a secret admirer." She doesn't know how Wonder Dog would react to the cat, but she decides to accept the gift nevertheless. She asks the cat if he would like a bowl of milk. She opens up the refrigerator and tells the cat it must be hungry. She is then shrunk by the cat, using the handheld minmizer, and she falls into the bowl of milk. Gulliver then picks her up and tells her he is the secret admirer. He tells Igor that as soon as he has the Vanderbulge Star Sapphire, he'll be able to carry out his ultimate plan.

Sometime later, back at Gulliver's castle, the Amazon Princess, secretly uses her telepathy to send a special message to her magic golden lasso, which is located in another room of the castle. Superman asks Gulliver what he plans on doing with them, and Gulliver answers, telling them he's just going to keep them out of his hair until he completes his task. He then undrapes his ultimate invention, which he can only power with a star sapphire, which he must place in the machine's crystal transformer. With that, he will be able to use all of the world's televisions and radios to broadcast his shrinking beam, making everyone on Earth two inches tall.

Back at Justice League Headquarters, Marvin and Wendy are talking about how Aquaman is missing and how they hope Wonder Woman returns soon, since she'll know what to do, but just then, Wonder Dog runs up to them with a rope in his mouth. The kids instantly recognize it as Wonder Woman's magic lasso, which the kids realize she wouldn't have left without it. The lasso then shapes itself into the words: "Vanderbulge Star Sapphire." The kids don't understand the message, but they are pretty sure it has something to do with the "shrinking business," as Wendy refers to it as. They then leave the Hall of Justice immediately.

Later, at the Vanderbulge Mansion, the kids are looking at the art treasures in the estate, and Marvin wonders why there are no guards on duty to protect them. Wendy tells him that the place is wired with the most advanced electronic burglar alarm system in the world, with TV cameras and everything. Marvin then notices the star sapphire on display, which he goes on to describe as the most valuable sapphire in the world. As they approach the valuable crystal, Mr. Vanderbulge warns them not to get too close, he tells them that there are special burglar devices that they turn on after dark. He goes on to state that he designed them himself. Gulliver then walks in, telling him good evening. But Vanderbulge realizes he hasn't met him before. He then introduces himself as Doctor Hiram Gulliver. He then tells him he wants to borrow his sapphire. Vanderbulge then laughs, thinking it is just a joke. But just then, he triggers the burglar trap, which cages him. Just then, two security guards arrive and Vanderbulge tells him such an attempt at burglary is impossible. He goes on to tell him that the glass that the sapphire is in is bullet-proof, heat-proof and impossible to break with a drill. Of course, the villain is already aware of this and he pulls a device out of his handbag that appears to be an electronic tuning fork that emits a high pitched frequency that causes the glass to shatter. He then grabs the device. But the guards go after him. He then pulls out his ray gun to blast through the bars. The guards come after him, but he shrinks them with his shrink ray. Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog then hide behind a chair. Vanderbulge tells Gulliver that he is a big man in this city, and that he can't do that to him. Gulliver then shrinks him, asking him if he looked in the mirror lately, as he clearly isn't a big man anymore. Gulliver then leaves. The kids choose not to follow, but rather to contact Colonel Wilcox right away.

Later, at the castle, Gulliver shows his sapphire to everyone, telling them it's the final link in his great plan. He then drops it into his new machine. Superman then asks him if he thinks being small is so great, why hasn't he shrunk himself. Gulliver then answers that since he is going to be running things from now on, he has to be big enough to do so. He then pulls the lever on his machine.

Back at the Hall of Justice, the Junior Superfriends are discussing how they hope Wilcox will be able to find Gulliver before it's too late. They go on to discuss what his motive must be, Wendy ascertains that it can't be money, since there were a lot of other valuable things at the mansion he didn't even touch. Nevertheless, they are clueless as to what he is planning, and they don't even know what they should do since Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are missing. Wendy then bursts out with the idea to get help from some other Justice Leaguers. Marvin then tells her that they are all away on a space mission, to far away for them to call. But Wendy reminds him that Green Arrow wasn't part of that mission.

At Game Warden Headquarters in Bornego, the game warden receives an S.O.S. regarding giant ants attacking a team of animal photographers in the jungle. A call goes out, and Green Arrow, the world's greatest archer responds, racing toward the scene in his Jeep. He continues his drive deeper into the jungle, and then he brakes at the edge of a cliff, where he looks around looking for the so-called giant ants. He then hears a voice shout out to him, but he doesn't see anyone. "By Robin Hood's bow!" He says. The man's voice tells him they are on the other side of the chasm, and so he shoots an arrow with his bow that is attached to a rope. The arrow stabs itself into the side of a tree. The bumper of Green Arrow's Jeep is where he ties the other end of the rope, he then slides along the rope to the other side. After he locates the photographers, he sees that they are tiny people, and the so-called giant ants are actually normal size ants that appear large to them. He then blows them away with his breath. The photographers ask the Emerald Archer if he has any clue what is going on. The woman tells the archer that they were just setting up camp, looking at the photos they had taken and listening to their transistor radio when all of the sudden they shrank. Green Arrow tells them that he has heard reports about people shrinking all over the world, but he doesn't know why.

Meanwhile, at Justice League Headquarters; Marvin is attempting to call Green Arrow over the radio. But since Green Arrow answers the radio, he now is exposed to the transmission of the shrink ray, he then starts to shrink. "By Nottingham's ghost, it's happening to me!", he says. Just then, ants start crawling into Green Arrow's jeep to attack. He jumps into the glove compartment and says: "Use your brain archer!" He searches through the box to see if he can find something to toss at the ants. He realizes that at his current size, the inside of his glove box looks like a garage sale. Many items are present, including thread, a needle, pencil, rubber bands, paperclip, matches and a penny. He lifts the penny and says: "If George Washington could throw a silver dollar...", he then tosses the penny at the ants, and they plow through them, however more continue to come. He then has the photographers fetch an arrow from his quiver for him, while he throws the pencil at the ants. He then bends the needle into the shape of a boomerang, which he ties to some thread and lassoes to the jeep's radio antenna. He uses the antenna as the bow and the thread for the string, he then pulls it back, tightening the string, and he then releases the arrow, with them on top of it. This is one of his Trick Arrows; the hover arrow. They then take off in flight over the jungles of Bornego.

Back at the castle, Gulliver tells Igor that now everyone in the world is shrinking. He then decides it is a perfect time for him to write the speech he had planned to give to the United Nations, which dealt with a few things having to do with how he thinks the world should be ran. They then leave the room. Wonder Woman says they've got to stop him, but Aquaman asks how, since the shrinking process has weakened their super powers so much that they can't even break out of their bottles. Superman then says he still has a trick up his sleeve. He goes on to say that Gulliver's machine is going to help them send a message to Colonel Wilcox. He then decides to use his X-ray vision on shrinking machine, which causes the electronic transmitter to be shorted out.

Meanwhile, above the city, Green Arrow is heading toward the Hall of Justice on his hover arrow, after he had already sent the photographers back to their home base. Inside, Wendy voices her frustration as she believes it is apparent that even Green Arrow is missing. They then hear a knock at the door, and as they open it, they don't see anyone, until a voice calls out: "Down here!", it was Green Arrow, who was still quite small. Wonder Dog starts to sniff him with his nose and Arrow asks him "Don't you recognize me?", and of course they do. He then asks them what in the name of Robin Hood is going on. The kids voice their happiness to see him, bring him inside and bring him up to speed.

Afterward, the SDI screen comes on and the kids assume it must be Colonel Wilcox but all they see is his office. It's because he too is so small. He adjusts the camera so that the Junior Superfriends and Green Arrow can see him, by zooming in to where he is standing on the desk next to the telephone. He tells them he needs to see them as soon as possible. Green Arrow then hops onto the back of Wonder Dog and asks him for a lift.

Later, they meet Wilcox at the research laboratory. He and Dr. Curum explain that the warning message that was given to people, that was sent over every radio and television band in the world, is what transmitted the shrink ray, because of their ignorance, they themselves assisted him in shrinking the population. They go on to say that they haven't yet located Gulliver. Wilcox hands his headphones to Green Arrow so that he can listen to the microwave beam through their frequency filter, and tells him to listen to see if he can hear any interference. Green Arrow tells him he indeed does hear interference. Wilcox tells Green Arrow that his best decoders can't figure out what it is, but he's certain it isn't morse code, it's the secret signal code of the Justice League. He then realizes that it's a message from Superman, and he begins spelling it out: "Longitude: 87, Latitude: 33." Wilcox is happy, and he knew Superman wouldn't let him down. They then check the map for those coordinates, and they realize that location isn't too far from the Mars launch site, where the first people were shrunk. Green Arrow then bets that's where they'll find Gulliver and the missing Super Friends. Green Arrow tells the kids to stay behind, because it may be dangerous, he then leaves, but Marvin asks the colonel what they could do to help. Wendy interrupts and says that they can take Wonder Woman's invisible plane. Marvin argues, saying they don't even know how to fly. Nevertheless, Wendy grabs his hand and tells him to come on.

Back at the castle, Wonder Woman, looking quite nervous, asks Superman if she thinks anyone received his message. He told her he hopes so. Gulliver then returns and tells them that he just thought of another brilliant idea. Aquaman then says: "Not another one, I'm not sure I can stand it!" Gulliver goes on to say that he thinks he should shrink everyone down to even smaller than two-inches. Superman tells him that people don't want to be that small, but the villain tells him there's nothing they can do about it.

But outside, Green Arrow, now armed with miniature bow and arrows, is ready for his assault on the castle. The water surrounding the castle is quite big compared to Green Arrow, considering how small he is, so he decides that this is going to take a little "brain-power," and he then grabs a discarded newspaper and folds it into a paper boat, and makes his way across the water to the castle. He then pulls out a grapple arrow, takes aim, and shoots it, and pulls himself up the castle wall.

Meanwhile, the kids are still trying to figure out how to get Wonder Woman's plane to fly. Wendy says Wonder Woman uses mental telepathy to fly it, so she suggests to Marvin to "use your head."

Back in the castle, Gulliver is using a screwdriver on a machine he is working on while Robin expresses his worry about getting shrunk down even smaller. He expresses this by saying: "Holy Tom Thumb!" Wonder Woman then notices Green Arrow coming through the window. Of course at this point they are worried that Green Arrow might not be able to get inside without being seen by Gulliver or his cat. Gulliver tells his cat to turn the lights off and shut the windows, and see how his light ray works. Fearing they will shut the window before Green Arrow gets in, they all call out to him at the same time, pounding their fists on the bottles to get his attention, so as to distract him so Green Arrow can get in. This takes his attention away from the window, and Superman tells him his shoelace is untied. He tells him his shoes don't have laces. Superman then tells him that his watch has stopped. Gulliver assumes Superman is trying to be funny. Green Arrow then shoots an arrow blasting fireworks. Gulliver flees the area, and the Super Friends are happy to see Green Arrow. Green Arrow tells them they are no good to him bottled up like pickles. He then asks if there is any way to unscrew the tops. Superman tells them they're too tight, but the tuning fork that Gulliver has should do the trick. So Green Arrow jumps on the button to activate it, it causes the bottles to shatter. Green Arrow shoots another trick arrow that ties Gulliver up, and then Wonder Woman too uses her magic lasso to do likewise. Wonder Woman realizes that at her size her strength may not be enough to hold Gulliver, so she summons her invisible plane with her telepathy. Aquaman is grabbed by Gulliver, who is about to feed him to his cat, so Batman and Robin make a paper airplane and fly across the room, knocking Igor in the back of the head and rescuing Aquaman from the villain's clutches, however they crash their plane into the wall, causing them to fall. Meanwhile, Aquaman jumps on a wet sponge which propels water into Gulliver's face. On the floor, Batman and Robin narrowly escape from getting mauled by Igor's claws. Wonder Woman heads for the radio, and Superman knocks the headphones off of Gulliver's head, and then she switches on the radio causing Gulliver to shrink. Igor continues to chase the Dynamic Duo, but is soon halted by Wonder Dog, who just arrived in the invisible plane. He stares the cat down and the cat is scared, taking off running in the other direction.

Later, the Super Friends speak with Gulliver, telling him that he is now small as well, and now that he is, he must be able to see their perspective. Gulliver admits he doesn't like it, but the world still is overpopulated, and he must solve the problem. But Wonder Woman tells him that no one has the right to impose his will on everyone else. Superman tells him he's going to have to return everyone in the world to normal size, but the fool refuses...mainly because he doesn't know how. Robin then says: "Holy permanent press!" Aquaman said there must be an antidote, but Gulliver never thought one would be needed, since he didn't plan on changing people back to begin with. Wendy tells them she doesn't think she could get use to Super Friends that are smaller than she is, since it just doesn't seem right. Marvin goes on to state that it's kind of like looking at them through the wrong end of a telescope. He then says if he reverses the telescope, then they'd look normal sized again. Superman tells him that's a good idea. Because if he rewires the machine to work in reverse, then it may return them to their original size. Superman then rewires the machine, and tells them they should give it a try, but Gulliver protests, telling him it's a mistake. Superman tells him there's got to be a better way to solve the overpopulation problem than shrinking people. Gulliver begins to sob. Marvin then reverses the controls, and everyone is normal sized again, but it doesn't stop there, they continue growing even larger than they are supposed to be. Robin says: "Holy Jack and the Beanstalk!" Superman then tells Marvin to pull the lever back a little, and it works. They tell Gulliver that he's likely going to be responsible for fixing all the damage he's caused. Gulliver tells them he'll put his mind to it to think of what to do. But Superman tells him it's up to the court to tell him what he'll do.

Later, at the Hall of Justice, Green Arrow tells the Super Friends he's headed back to Bornego, to finish his assignment there. Batman tells him there's one thing that puzzles him, he tells him that the handheld minimizer is still missing, and that Wilcox and his men couldn't find it anywhere. Marvin shows him it, telling it's not missing. Batman then remembers Marvin telling him that his basketball team won five games in a row. Marvin tells him that's right. Batman goes on to mention how it's strange that his team used to lose all the time because they're all too short, but now they're taller than all the other teams. He then asks how that came to occur. Marvin then tells him that they only play against girl's teams. The Justice League then erupt with laughter.


  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Danny Dark     Superman
 Olan Soule     Batman
 Casey Kasem     Robin
 Shannon Farnon     Wonder Woman
 Norman Alden     Aquaman
 Frank Welker     Marvin White
 Sherry Alberoni     Wendy Harris
 Frank Welker     Wonder Dog
  G u e s t   H e r o  
 Norman Alden     Green Arrow 
  G u e s t   C a s t  
 John Stephenson     Colonel Wilcox
 Norman Alden     Flight Controller
 Olan Soule     Astronaut Ellis 
 Casey Kasem     Doctor Gulliver 
 Danny Dark     Doctor Curum 
 Casey Kasem     Private Smith 
 Norman Alden     Air traffic control man 
 John Stephenson     Jet Cargo 847 Pilot 
 Norman Alden     Mr. Vanderbulge 
 Olan Soule     James 
 Shannon Farnon     Julia 





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