Grim Reaper
Real name: Death
Species: Angel??
Homeworld:  ??
Universe: Earth-1A
Sex: Appears as both male and female at times.
Hair: None
Voiced/Played: N/A
Death (girl)

Death, in the form of a "goth girl."[1]

The Grim Reaper, better known as Death, is literally a personification of death.

Although without gender, Death appears in the form of a man, when assuming human form, but he is often seen as a ghost-like skeleton, and probably more often as a goth girl.

Although he is not the cause of deaths, he is always present, whether its' realized or not, during everyone's passing.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



Justice League of America (comic book)


  • Death made his first appearance in Phantom Stranger # 2 (November 1952).[3]


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  2. He was shown on the cover of Weird War Tales # 27 on page 42.
  3. For more information about that DC comic book, click here.

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