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Series 2 – 1985
12 GreenArrow

The Emerald Archer

Stranded on a desert island after falling off his yacht, rich man Oliver Queen had to learn to shoot a bow and arrow to survive. Months passed before Queen escaped by capturing some crooks who used the island as a hideout. Using his newfound skills to become Green Arrow, Queen fights crime as a sometime partner to both Green Lantern and the Black Canary. He himself is assisted by his sidekick, Speedy.

Figure Stats:
Green Arrow comes with his "robin hood" cap, a bow, and three arrows that can be placed in the bow or left in his quiver. When you squeeze his legs together, Green Arrow draws back his bow and arrow in search of spineless crooks. This was one of Kenner's most popular figures.

The mold was later used when producing Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves figures in the '90s.

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Series 2 - 1985

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