Gotham High School

Gotham High School[1]

Gotham HS (01x03 - Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C.)

Gotham High, circa 1976[2]

This High School was (more than likely) the school that Wendy Harris and Marvin White attended.

During the period when the G.E.E.C. was popular in America, the school was closed, because most kids stayed home taking school lessons on their G.E.E.C. TV.[3]

Once, when Marvin White was talking out of turn in his classroom, he had to write "I will not talk out of turn in class" on the blackboard one hundred times with a piece of chalk, but the blackboard shattered from what was believed to be a small tremor.[4]

Years, later Zan and Jayna (aka the Wonder Twins) would attend school here as John and Joanna Flemming, their Swedish disguises.


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  • Gotham High School first appeared in Star Spangled Comics # 98 (November 1949).[5]


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