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Gone with the Wind

A movie theater showing Gone with the Wind.[1]

Gone with the Wind was the name of a book published in 1936. It was set during the pre-Civil War era of the Old West in which slavery was still common. The book was written by Margaret Mitchell.

The film version was released in 1939 and it starred Clark Gable, who was best known for saying the line: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"[2]



Movie Buff loved Gone With the Wind, he liked to quote it, and one time in 1983; when he stuck his VHS copy of the film in his VCR, he experienced an electric shock, which jump started his metagene, and giving him the ability to take on the role of any film character he looks at.[3]

For the fiftieth anniversary of the movie, computer-generated images were used to create a more updated looking film for the '80s and '90s. According to an article of the Daily Planet written by Catherine Grant, it was colorized using the previously mentioned computer technology.[4]

José Delgado, the bodyguard of Cat Grant, herself and her son Adam Grant went to a showing of the fiftieth anniversary of that film.

Delgado thought it wasn't worth risking her life going out in public just to see the movie, since she was a key witness related to Morgan Edge's trial, and he expected a hired gun would try to take her out.

Her son Adam liked the part in the movie where "Atlanta burned down," although he wasn't a fan of the "mushy parts." He later asked his mother if the city had really burned down, and she told him Atlanta was fine.[5]


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