SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle (TeenTitans, 51) 2
Real name: Charley Parker
or Charlie Parker[1]
Species: 75% Human
25% Thanagarian
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Occupation: Crime Fighter
Base: Midway City
Affiliations: Teen Titans West
Wingmen of Thanagar

Teen Titans 'West' Team Member

Golden Eagle changing (JLA 116) 1

Golden Eagle from his appearance in JLA, #116 (March, 1975)

CP (JLA 116)

Golden Eagle was a superhero who in reality was Charley Parker, who used his Nth Metal Wings to fight crime in Midway City as an ally of Hawkman and a member of Titans West.

Background Information

In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Charley Parker, like Clark Kent was an orphan. Charley lived in the Midway City orphanage and idolized Hawkman. At one point he sent a letter to Hawkman describing his home-made "Hawkman" costume.[2] When Hawkman had been ordered back to Thanagar, disappearing from the public view,[3] Charley decided to make his appearance as ‘Golden Eagle’![4]

Charlie met the JLA, when they were attacked by Hawkman's old foe Mark Mandrill, the Matter Master. Together they defeat this old foe.[5] Parker explains to the JLA that one day he had been wearing his ‘Hawkman’ costume and fantasizing he was the Thanagarian hero when a strange light enveloped him turning his costume into an exact replica of Hawkman's costume. This upgrade gave him the ability to fly due to the replicated wings. It also gave him the ability to change back to his street clothes and back into the Golden Eagle costume instantaneously.[6]

Charley was seen again when Green Arrow took him aboard the JLA Satellite suggesting he could be a new "mascot" (kind of like Snapper Carr).[7]

A few years later he emerged as a member of Teen Titans West.[8]

Powers and Abilities

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Charley did not appear in any episodes of the Superfriends.

Super Friends books

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  • Golden Eagle first appeared in JLA # 116 (March 1975).[10]
  • He was created by Cary Bates and Dick Dillin.
  • He joined Titans West in Teen Titans, Vol. 1 #50 (October 1977).
  • The Golden Eagle (Charley Parker) and Bat-Girl (Betty Kane) were new to the Teen Titan comic series. The Golden Eagle had previously been featured in Justice League comic book and Betty Kane, the original Bat-Girl, decided to come out of retirement to handle an emergency. Her senior partner, Batwoman, had recently reappeared in Batman Family, Vol. 1 #10 (April, 1977).

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