Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt[1]

The Gods of Egypt were a race of gods from the Egyptian pantheon. They were worshipped by the natives of Egypt, during the country's early history.

Both Black Adam and Isis were empowered by Gods of Egypt.

Anubis, who for years was considered one of the Gods of Egypt, was actually a member of another species, that inhabited another planet.


The physiology of the Gods of Egypt is so much different than humans that some humans, especially the more primitive ones, considered them gods. Their physiology gives them seemingly god-like abilities that caused men and women to fear them, and thus worship them.

Physical appearance

Gods of Egypt varied in appearance. This could be because they were magical beings that could appear in any form they desire, or because human perception was far too limited when it came to perceiving such advanced beings, and thus they could only perceive them in a way they could comprehend.

Typically they had the appearance of Earthly animals. For example, Thoth sometimes appeared as a baboon, and Sobek as a crocodile.

List of Gods of Egypt


  1. The screenshot of Anubis is taken from The Return of Anubis; the screenshot of Isis is taken from the opening theme of The Secrets of Isis; and the screenshots of Thoth and Sobek are both taken from Black Adam's Return.

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