Global warming

An Earth jungle withers away due to the intense heat caused by global warming.[1]

Global warming was when heat starts to rise on a planet, such as Earth. For years on Earth global warming was a serious economic problem and a hazard for humans and other inhabitants of the planet, such as polar bears, who were in danger of losing their homes due to the melting of the Polar Ice Caps.



In 1970, an alien invasion from a race of warlords that were exiled from their homeworld, use a magno-unit missile to move Earth closer to the sun, causing global warming to speed up, which resulted in a terrible heatwave that caused jungles to wither and the polar ice caps to melt. Superman stops the Earth from falling closer to the sun before the damage is irreversible.[2]

In 1976, Kolbar, another alien, used his race's advanced technology in an attempt to bring Earth closer to the sun as well, so as to make the world hot, just like the world he was from once was prior to atmospheric pollution. His efforts are halted by the Super Friends and they lend their support to cleaning up the atmosphere of his homeworld.[3]

By the 40th century, global warming finally takes its' toll on Earth. Much of the planet was a desert at this point. Metropolis for example, was a major spaceport city in the desert. Earth's capitol city was also protected from the harsh elements by a large dome. This was also used to keep the Barlocks from invading the city.[4]

By the year 11,978, Earth has been totally abandoned by humanity, likely due to global warming. Although some plant-life still exists, it is likely not enough to be a worthy food supply for humans or any animals, save for a species of ghost-like spiders.[5]


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