Girl 1 (Safety, Episode 9)
Real name: Unknown[1]
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: Girl (twin sister)
Voiced/Played: Louise Williams

This girl was a young swimmer that knew Aquaman.

She often swam with her twin sister at a swimming pool.



Circa 1977, while swimming with her twin sister, the two of them decided since they were tired that they should change and then hitch a ride to get them home.

Aquaman told the two girls that they were doing great, as far as swimming went, but he also told them that he overheard them talking about Hitchhiking.

They told him that it was cheaper than the bus and faster than walking, but Aquaman told them it was also very dangerous, and that hitching rides invited trouble.

The girls agree with Aquaman, telling them the bus doesn't cost that much, and they then thank him for the safety tip.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers



  • Swimming: She and her sister were pretty good swimmers.


  • Youth: Her inexperience due to her young age almost caused her to make a bad choice that may have endangered her and her sister's life.


Super Friends (TV Series)


  1. Her real name wasn't revealed in the episode she appeared in.
  2. As seen in the Superfriends season two episode Safety (Episode 9) (1977).
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