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Ginny McSwain Ginny McSwain
Birthname: Ginny McSqain

Born: November 2, 1951

Birthplace: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Occupation: Voice Actress, Voice Director

Official Website: Ginny

Ginny McSwain is a voice actor and voice casting director that has done lots of work for Hanna-Barbera, Ruby-Spears and other animation studios.

When she was asked by Ruby-Spears to audition to be be the voice director for the Superman animated series, she had Margot Kidder's voice in mind for Lois Lane, since she had made the role famous in the Superman films.

She thought that Mary McDonald Lewis, being a soundalike of Kidder, would be a great choice to do the voice of Lois Lane, and she had done that role in the Superfriends before. Coincidentally, Michael Bell, one of Ginny's best friends, was also asked to audition to be the voice director, he asked Ginny to audition to play Lois.

Although he didn't get the directorial job, he did land the role of Lex Luthor, and Ginny McSwain likewise did win the job as director, and it was decided that she would also be the voice of Lois Lane, as it was originally Michael Bell's plan anyway.

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