Batman and Robin looking at Superman and Wonder Woman, who have been transformed into ghosts.[1]

A ghost, by most definitions, was the disembodied soul of a dead person. It's also known as a poltergeist, spirit, wraith, phantom among other names. Typically, when a person died, their spirit left the Earthly realm, but occasionally, somehow a spirit was unable to leave Earth, due to magic or other occurrences, and they were forced to stay on Earth, as an undead spirit, often times attached to their dwelling places they dwelt in while they were alive. Houses inhabited by ghosts were typically referred to as Haunted Houses.



When Wonder Dog covered his body in snow, Robin said "Frozen phantoms, Look at that!"[2]

When Green Arrow is shrunk by Doctor Hiram Gulliver's shrinking machine, he says: "By Nottingham's ghost!"[3]


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