General Zod
Real name: Dru-Zod
Species: Kryptonian
Homeworld: Krypton
Universe: Earth-1A
Sex: Male
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Base: Phantom Zone (formerly Kryptonopolis)
Affiliations: Phantom Zoners
Abilities: All the powers of Superman (if he is in a solar system with a yellow sun)

General Zod was a Kryptonian supervillain. He was one of Superman's most fearsome enemies. He was banished to the Phantom Zone.

Background Information

Dru-Zod was a Silver Age character. He is portrayed as a megalomaniacal Kryptonian, in charge of the military forces on Krypton. He had known Jor-El, Superman's father, when he was an aspiring scientist. When the space program was abolished after the destruction of the inhabited moon Wegthor, which had been caused by renegade scientist Jax-Ur, he attempted to take over Krypton. Zod created an army of robotic duplicates of himself, all bearing a resemblance to Bizarro. He was sentenced to exile in the Phantom Zone for his crimes. Zod was eventually released by Superboy when his term of imprisonment was up. However, he attempted to conquer Earth with the super powers gained under the yellow Sun. Zod was sent back into the Phantom Zone, from which he occasionally escapes to target Superman. [1]

Episode Appearance


  • General Zod first appeared in Adventure Comics vol.1, #283[2] (April 1961).
  • He was created by Robert Bernstein and George Papp.

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Appearances in Other Media

ZOD Movie General Zod General Zod appears in Superman and Superman II, portrayed by actor Terence Stamp as a pathologically arrogant and pompous aristocrat, almost bored with his incredible powers and disappointed with the ease of overtaking Earth.

This version of General Zod is based on Superman (1978) and Superman (1980).
Spiritzod Smallville General Zod Zod was born and raised on the planet Krypton. He eventually became the military leader for all forces on the planet; it was this power that turned him into a renegade leader who built up an army with the aim of using it to take over Krypton. He married a scientist named Faora, and the two saw it as their destiny to take over Krypton. They began their campaign and tried conceiving an heir. Discovering they were unable to have children, Zod and Faora took their DNA and fused it together with other violent Kryptonian life-forms, creating genetic matter that would become the "ultimate destroyer". When Jor-El created his own version of Dax-Ur's Brain InterActive Construct, Zod was able to corrupt its system, gaining an advantage in his war with the Science Council. He also collaborated with Zor-El, Jor-El's brother, and they began conquering the planet which led to its destruction. Zod gave the genetic matter, to Brainiac, who was able to attach it to Kal-El's ship which was set on a course for Earth. Before Krypton exploded, Zod and Faora were captured by the Science Council, who destroyed their physical bodies and placed their essences in the Phantom Zone; the only way either of them could escape was if they found other bodies to inhabit. During Dark Thursday, Zod's wraith was freed from the Phantom Zone and possessed the body of Lex Luthor, taking on his physical appearance.

This version of General Zod is based on the Smallville TV series (2001-??) as seen on the CW.
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