The Batmobile drives past an alien and his ship, which both originated on the planet Gallifrey.[1]

Gallifrey was a planet located in a binary star system.

It was the homeworld of the alien race known as the Time Lords.

Although some accounts varied, most indicated that this world was located somewhere near or in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Doctor used to live on this planet, until he stole a TARDIS and began his adventures through time and space.



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The Doctor, the previously mentioned Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey; was walking to a TARDIS that was located on a London street corner when Batman and Robin were in England attempting to apprehend the Mad Hatter.[2]


  • Gallifrey was featured heavily in the BBC television series Doctor Who.
  • Gallifrey first appeared in The War Games (1969).[3]


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