Galaxy Communications HQ
Image from the Season 9 episode: The Wild Cards (October 9, 1985).[1]

The Galaxy Communications Building was the world headquarters for Galaxy Communications, located in the city of Metropolis.

It was here that the Galaxy Broadcasting System's flagship television station known as WGBS-TV was broadcast. Morgan Edge, the owner and president of 'Galaxy Communications,' had an office located in this building.

One night in Metropolis, a gang of criminals that would eventually be known as the Royal Flush Gang was attempting to commit a robbery in this building. A Jr. SuperFriends member known as Cyborg would thwart the crime.[2]

Known staff


  • The Galaxy Communications building made its' first appearance in Jimmy Olsen, #133 (October 1970).[3]


  1. This building being the Galazy Communications building is conjecture since it is not actually called that on the show. It does seems likely as it resembles it, and it's near the Metropolis City Municipal building just like in DC Comics maps of Metropolis.
  2. The building the 'gang of thieves' was attempting to rib, we neve rmentioned in the The Wild Cards episode. So, again, this is conjecture.
  3. For more information about that DC comic book, click here.
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