You may be looking for 'The' Gabriel Horn

As seen in the Teen Titan Issue #50

A new headquarters became a necessity after Dr. Light discovered the location of Titans’ Lair. The Teen Titans banded together to helped Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher buy Gabriel’s Horn, a discotheque in Farmingdale, Long Island.

The headquarters was located one level down and was a simple, large room. There was electronic equipment, minor medical equipment and a large table for discussion and strategy sessions.

The upper level remained an operating disco, where the Titans would hang out when not fighting crime.

The group remained at this location until they disbanded. When the Titans broke up again, Mal and Karen kept Gabriel’s Horn going for a while, then sold it. The basement was presumably cleared of all incriminating equipment, although no one knows the equipment’s final fate.

First Appearance

  • Teen Titans, Vol. 1 #47 (April, 1977)


  • According to writer Bob Rozakis, Gabriel’s Horn was modeled after a real club in Long Island.


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