Continuity-Related Comic Book Character
Futurio-XX (Super Friends 43)
Real name: Futurio-XX
Species: Clone
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Affiliations: Overlord II (creator)

Futurio-XX is a clone created by the second 'Overlord' as a weapon to destroy anyone who interferes with his plans.

Background Information

The criminal genius, who calls himself Overlord created three clones of himself, their evolution sped up so that they were what, in theory, would be a man of the future. Futurio-XX was the second of the three clones.

The Overlord II sends him his second cloned 'son', Futurio-XX, against the SuperFriends, but the super-evolved clone abandons eventually him and claims that he is going a million years in the future. And with that he disappears.[1]




  1. As revealed in SuperFriends, #43 (April, 1981).
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