Frankenstein 2000 Meets the She Wolf

Frankenstein 2000 Meets the She Wolf, playing at a drive-in movie theater.[1]

Frankenstein vs. She Wolf

Frankenstein 2000 engages the She Wolf in hand-to-hand combat.[2]

Frankenstein 2000 Meets the She Wolf is a science fiction and horror film based upon the monster that was created by Victor Frankenstein. In the film, the characters known as Frankenstein 2000 and the She Wolf engage in combat. Bonechill used his talisman to bring the monsters to life and they leaped from the movie screen and attacked the people at the drive-in. Superman comes to stop them, and after doing so he tells the movie goers to go see a musical next time.

Cast of Characters

Source material

The film is based upon the monstrous creation of Victor Frankenstein, as noted above.

Why it is referred to as "Frankenstein 2000" was never revealed, but there's a good chance that the F-2000 is an upgraded version of the original real life monster, or it may have also implied that the monster was put together in the year 2000.


Superman (TV series)


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