Apokolips, the home world of Darkseid in the Fourth World

The so-called Fourth World was another dimension,[1] although some sources refered to it as a "closed galaxy."[2] The dominant alien species of the universe was the New Gods, which were natives of the planets New Genesis and Apokolips.


In this universe, there once was a planet called Urgrund, and it was ruled by a race now known as the Old Gods. Eventually the planet split into, and two planets formed into what would become known as New Genesis and Apokolips.

New Genesis

New Genesis was a world of peace and prosperity. The ruler of the planet was called the Highfather, who ruled a kingdom of impressive beautiful paradise-like scenery.


Apokolips was ruled by Darkseid. It was a world of terror and misery. But even Darkseid's lowest and most mistreated servants; the Lowlies, were proud to serve him.


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