Flying Graysons

Flying Graysons.[1]

The Flying Graysons were a team of trapeze performers at the Haly's Circus. They were made up of John Grayson, his wife Mary Grayson, and their son; Dick Grayson.

A mobster named Tony Zucco killed all but Dick Grayson when he sabotaged their circus act, causing the two of them to fall to their deaths, as there was no safety net below.

This was the incident that led the young Grayson boy to become trained by Batman, who took him in; as a crime fighter, becoming Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Years later, Robin would be reminded of this incident when Superman, Marvin White, Wendy Harris and Wonder Dog go to Blinken and Bristol Circus for a Justice League mission. Robin regrets that he couldn't come with them since he and Batman were taking an assignment in Egypt, as it would have been fun for old time's sake, since he used to travel with a circus himself.[2]


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  • The Flying Graysons first appeared in Detective Comics # 38 (April 1940).[4]


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Super Friends - My parents were killed

Super Friends - My parents were killed

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