Flash Museum (Flash 154)

The Flash Museum
Image from Flash, #154 (August, 1965).

The Flash Museum is located in Central City.

It contains memorabilia in honor of those who have held the name Flash. The museum featured various exhibits on the Flash, including his battles and his rogue's gallery of foes.

In addition to the exhibits, the 'Flash Museum' housed a vast storage of various artifacts and weaponry that the Flash had encountered. Some of these weapons were actually part of public exhibits and were occasionally used during a fight. Originally, the museum was founded to honor the achievements of Barry Allen, the first Flash of the modern era and stalwart member of the Justice League of America.

As years passed, the museum began showcasing materials as they related to the original Flash, Jay Garrick, as well as Barry's successor, Wally West, the famed Teen Titans member.

The museum's curator since its founding was Dexter Myles, a former Shakespearean actor given the job by the Flash after his assistance in foiling a robbery.[1]


  • The 'Flash Museum' first appeared in The Flash, #154 (August, 1965).

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