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Series 1 – 1984
03 Flash

The Scarlet Speedster

Police scientist Barry Allen was working late one night in the Central City crime lab when a stray bolt of lightning came through the window, hitting a cabinet full of chemicals and dousing him with them. When he came to, Allen found that he could now run at inhuman speeds. Donning a red costume, Allen became The Flash, using his speed to thwart criminals in their tracks.

Figure Stats:
The Flash has no accessories but does make a running motion when his arms are squeezed together. Mold was reused as Toy Biz Riddler. Nice touch: soles of his feet have treads for gripping the pavement when running.

Slightly smaller than the average figure, The Flash nonetheless makes up for it by being one of the few figures in the line not to have squeezable legs

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Super Powers Collection


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Series 1 - 1984

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