The Superfriends talking too a firefighter.[1]

A firefighter was a man or woman who fought fires.

A male firefighter was called a fireman, while a female firefighter was called a firewoman.

Just like the various superheroes and police forces, firefighters too were considered heroes by many people.


Firefighting was usually a very dangerous job, as it often involved firefighters entering burning buildings to save people who may have been trapped inside.

Firefighters often used ladders to reach high windows that they climbed up to pull people out of a burning high rise.

All of their gear was generally available on their firetrucks, which were trucks specifically used for fire fighting.
Firetruck pelagian war

A fire truck.[2]

Firetrucks usually had an adequate water supply for extinguishing the fires, but often times it wasn't enough, and firefighters would have to hook up their hoses to a fire hydrant.

Known Fire Fighting Agencies

Known Firefighters


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