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Fernando Escandon Fernando Escandon

Birthplace: Born in Mexico; immigrated to the United States, 1962

Years Active:


Official Website:

Agency: DPN - Danis, Panaro & Nist

Fernando Escandon 2

From Alias Smith and Jones (ABC,1971)[1]

Fernando Escandon started his Radio career in the mining town of Cananea, Sonora, México; the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution. He was staff Announcer for radio station XEFQ "La Voz de la Ciudad del Cobre".

During the period of 1979-1988 he was chosen by Frito-Lay™ to introduce into the market their and then, new "Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chips" thus, becoming for the following 8 1/2 years, their Television spokesperson. "TOSTITOS" established it's popularity and great demand in less than 2 years and now, is one of the most popular tortilla chips in the US market.

Voice on Super Friends

Notable Voiceover work

Notable animation voice credits include:


  • The Rosey Grier Show, syndicated (1969)
  • Alias Smith and Jones (ABC), as a 'Clerk' in the episode, "Miracle of Santa Maria" (1971)
  • Falcon Crest (NBC) as 'Herrera' in a small recurring role (4 episodes, 1982)
  • The A Team (NBC) in the episode, "Dishpan Man" (1986)

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  1. Alias Smith and Jones (ABC), as a 'Clerk' in the episode, "Miracle of Santa Maria" (1971)

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