Felix Faust
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Real name: Felix Faust
Species: Homo Magi
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-One
Base: Hidden Lair
Affiliations: Crime Champions
League of Super-Villains
Abilities: Master Sorcerer
Weaponry: Spirit Crystal
Voiced/Played: Peter Cullen

Felix Faust was an evil sorcerer and an enemy to the Justice League. Having made a literal deal with the devil, he was an immortal being obsessed with the pursuit of mystical knowledge.

Background Information


In the parallel-universe of the New Earth, the evil sorcerer Felix Faust's origins are for the most part unknown. We know that he desires to sell his soul to the Devil for supreme powers like his ancestor did, and (in a post-crisis story) in 5,000 B.C., he appeared in the legendary African empire of Kor. He is challenging Nommo, the wizard-king (and future leader of the Global Guardians) for possession of the burning enigma called the Flame of Life. Nommo absorbed the Flame and used its power to hurl the evil sorcerer into another dimension. Felix did not escape his other dimensional prison until the early 20th century, when occult dabbler and mad-man, 'Dekan Drache' made his own one-sided Faustian pact.[1]

(In the continuity of Earth-One) Faust comes onto the scene, shortly after the formation of the Justice League of America. He is obsessed with mastering the mystic arts in the same manner as his namesake. (Or a ‘restoring’ if we allow for the post-crisis story.) He vigorously studied the dead languages in Vienna, archaeology in London and history in Sorbonne. He visited the ruins of Ur and Lagash in Chaldea, famous for magicians. He even unearthed a copy of the Necronomicon, the book of black magic written by mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. He studied ancient parchments and the clay tablets of long dead sorcerers. Through his research, he learns of the Demons Three (Abnegazar, Ghast and Rath) who had been imprisoned beneath the Earth a billion years ago by the mysterious Timeless Ones. With access to their power, his search would be over. After he learns the incantation that would summon the demons, he is told that he has only freed their spirits, not their bodies. If he wants access to their power he must find three ancient artifacts: the 'Red Jar of Calythos', the 'Green Bell of Uthool', and the 'Silver Wheel of Nyorlath'. Once found, and the proper spell is cast, he can use their power for 100 years, at which time their bodies will be freed to join their spirits. These objects had been hidden by the Timeless Ones where no ordinary mortal would ever locate them. With the demon's aid, Faust took mystic control of the members of the Justice League of America and used them to recover the three talismans for him. But the JLA managed to defeat Faust before he could use the belt, jar and wheel to make himself the most powerful sorcerer in the universe. The JLA sends Faust off to prison and keeps the mystical artifacts for themselves.[2] The JLA eventually defeats all three demons. Green Lantern uses his power ring to trap them so that the only way they can be freed is through the Jar, Wheel and Bell.[3]

A few years later, Faust resurfaces as a member of the Crime Champions. This team consists of six super-villains – a trio of Earth-One villains (Faust, Chronos and Doctor Alchemy) and a trio of Earth-Two villains (the Fiddler, the Icicle and the Wizard). After a series of petty crimes, the Crime Champions are defeated by Earth-Two's hero team the Justice Society and Earth-One's hero team, the JLA. Each villain is imprisoned on his respective homeworld.[4]

Almost ten years later, Faust is out of prison again. He has placed a cursed on the Justice League. With the help of the Phantom Stranger, the JLA defeat Faust and turn him over to the police.[5]

Over the years, Faust joined forces with various criminals to plague the JLA,[6] most notably Lex Luthor's League of Super-Villains.[7]

A notable adventure involves another team-up of the JLA and JSA heroes. They are called into action again to thwart the resurgent Crime Champions and Faust. The heroes soon defeat them and say the day.[8]

A couple of years later we find Faust in prison again. He is planning to escape from jail by taking advantage of a planetary alignment. During the alignment, he will use his magic to steal Superman's powers. However, his roommate, a notorious gangster, aka the 'Penguin' interrupts the ceremony and gains the powers instead and easily of breaks out prison. In the confusion, Faust is able to escape as well. Faust, now in his hidden lair uses his Spirit Crystal and conjures up three phantoms (which although not mentioned, are clearly the Demons Three) to capture the Penguin so he can gain Superman’s powers for himself. When the evening is over and the planetary alignment is complete, his spell can't be undone. Superman, Wonder Woman and Firestorm attempt to subdue the superhuman Faust. They were almost defeated until Firestorm used Kryptonite to cause pain, while Wonder Woman uses her magic lasso to compel Faust to return his stolen powers to the man of steel just as the planetary alignment ends.[9]

Powers and Abilities





  • Felix Faust was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.
  • He first appeared in Justice League of America, #10 (1962).

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