Felines were a variety of mammals that typically had a fur coat, claws, fangs, and were often times nocturnal and carnivorous, widely known as excellent hunters with senses that would be considered superhuman by human standards. Their reflexes and agility were also superior, giving them the renowned ability to almost "always land on their feet."

They could be upright humanoids, depending on the species, however, most felines on Earth walked on all fours.[2]

This varied throughout the galaxy however, as there were some Feline races from outer space that were upright humanoids, such as the Tamaraneans, Lionmen and the Karnans.

In many instances, some felines were naturally afraid of canines, who seemed to have some sort of strange biological rivalry and hatred toward each other,[3] and it was quite common for canines to pursue felines.[4]

Feline intelligence varied depending on the species. Most Earthling felines were not much smarter than most other animals, lacking the ability to communicate verbally, usually relying on growling, purring or meowing. Still others were quite intelligent, and there were a few feline cultures that were so advanced, that they even possessed interstellar spaceflight technology.[5]

On Earth, felines were referred to as cats, despite the breed or species, and according to the mythologies of many cultures, such as Ancient Egypt, they were considered sacred, however there were also a number of superstitions involving felines as well.

Known felines


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