SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Fegla (SF 21)
Real name: Fegla
AKA: Carnival Worker (former)
Species: Exorian
Homeworld: Exor
Universe: Earth-1A
Relatives: Yeltu (brother)

Fegla, along with her brother Yeltu are rare Exorian shape-shifters. Like all shape-shifters, they too have a weakness. It is not like the Wonder Twins who have to touch in order to change. Their weakness is that their powers drain if they shapeshift often in short periods of time.

On one occasion, the two siblings pillaged Exor in search of wealth and power. At the request of Exor's High Counselor, Ulpar, the Wonder Twins, along with the SuperFriends accept the offer and head to Exor to aid in the shape-shifters defeat.[1]

Appearances / References

Super Friends Comic Book:


  1. As revealed in SuperFriends #21 (June, 1979).
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