Canada, which is a federal monarchy, which is a type of Federation.[1]


Australia, which is a federal monarchy, which is a type of Federation.[2]

A federation or federal system was a form of government characterized by a union of self-governing states.

Federations could be presided over by presidents, kings, queens or princes; depending on the type of federation.

The United States of America, Canada and Australia were all federal countries and as such, were considered federations.

The Justice League of America protected Earth as well as the surrounding area which Jayna referred to as the Justice League Interplanetary Federation.

It seems unlikely that this so-called Interplanetary Federation was actually a government in itself, because that could also imply that all countries on Earth were part of that Federation.

It's more likely that the Justice League Interplanetary Federation was simply a sector of space that the Justice League paid special attention to when protecting the universe from evil, and it's doubtful that it was a literal federation.[3]


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