Golden Bat Meddling Kid

A kid that is fat.[1]

Fat was a word used to describe someone who had a large abdomen, as well as other body parts that were enlarged, usually due to eating too much food or not getting an adequate amount of physical activity.



When Wonder Dog saw a man that was dressed very warmly, considering how hot the temperature was; he tried to "describe" him to Marvin White and Wendy Harris by acting like he was him. But Marvin assumed he was trying to say that he saw a fat mouse.[2]

When Wonder Dog was stealing some steak bones from the Justice League Commissary and then hiding in an alley to eat them, Marvin White and Wendy Harris were angered upon finding him, since he was supposed to be on a diet. Marvin even asked him "Do you wanna get FAT!?"[3]

Rupert Thorne was obese, so he took diet pills from time to time.[4]

In 1988, Lex Luthor described his father as "fat, homeless and broke."[5]

Alternate Earth (Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice)

In 2017, Donald Trump referred to Wonder Woman as Wonder Fatty.[6]


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