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Species: Kryptonian

Faora is a Kryptonian supervillain imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Her, Zod and Ursa create a creature known as the Hunter to help them escape the Phantom Zone.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Faora Hu-Ul was a serial killer born on the planet Krypton. She was a beautiful woman, who was self-professed "man-hater". She targeted only male Kryptonians and ran a concentration camp where she kept other Kryptonians as slaves. Faora Hu-Ul claimed over twenty-three lives before she was arrested. Faora was sentenced to over three-hundred years of incarceration inside the Phantom Zone - the longest sentence ever handed to a female prisoner, and the second-longest sentence over all. As Faora was trapped inside the Phantom Zone, she, along with many others, survived the destruction of Krypton. She met other Phantom Zoners including military leader General Zod and Jax-Ur. Jax-Ur's knowledge of Jewel Kryptonite technology paved the way for their escape, and they broke free of the Phantom Zone where they inevitably came into conflict with their home world's last surviving son - Superman.

During one incident, Faora separated from her fellow Zoners and used her powers to siphon some Phantom Zone mist to surround her body, making her appear as a true phantom. As a veritable "ghost", Faora masqueraded as the widow of an elderly man named Jackson Porter. She convinced Porter to take up residence at 344 Clinton Street in Metropolis, next door to Clark Kent, aka, Superman. From there, she began scheming against Superman, but Superman discovered her true identity and origin and returned Faora to the Phantom Zone.


Superman (TV series) (1988):


  • Faora never actually appeared on the Super Friends TV Show. Her only appearance was on the 1988 Superman TV series.
  • She first appeared in Action Comics, Vol. 1 #471[1] (May 1977).
  • She was created by writer Cary Bates and Penciler Curt Swan.

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FaoraSmallville Faora Faora was the second wife of General Zod and mother of Davis Bloom (aka Doomsday). She was sent to the Phantom Zone as a phantom, but she escaped the Phantom Zone and took possession of Lois Lane's body. She is eventually defeated and trapped inside the Kryptonian crystal. Not long later, a clone of her arrives on earth along with other Kandorians. She is part of Zod's army. But eventually, Zod learns that she betrayed him, and he murders her.
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