FRERP (01x10 - The Fantastic FRERPs)


FRERP is a type of plastic developed by King Plasto based upon a formula formulated by G.R.E.P.S. The word "FRERP" is an acronym meaning Fiber reinforced epoxy resin plastic.

There are two types of FRERP, Solid FRERP and Inflatable FRERP. The inflatable type is mainly used for creating stationary objects, such as buildings or furniture. But Solid FRERP is used for vehicles and other machines.

A FRERP egg is an egg shaped container that is not only made of FRERP, but also is used to store any thing made of FRERP inside of them, in a compressed "eggulated" form, as Plasto refers to it as.

Types of FRERP


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