Batman and Robin's eyes.[1]

An eye is part of the animal anatomy. They are what give them their sense of sight. Most animal species have two eyes, but some have only one, and some, such as the fly, have several. In all cases, the retina of the eye is what takes in light, therefore allowing sight.[2] Eye doctors specialize in the treatment of the eye.[3]

Some characters, such as aliens and metahumans, have the ability to fire energy blasts from their eyes.

Doctor Pelagian once referred to his pet birds, Hector and Helen, as his eyes and ears.[4]

When Marvin and Wendy were at Mystery Mountain at night time, they saw Batman and Robin's eyes glowing in the dark. Wendy assumed it was just owls, but Marvin was fearful they were monsters.[5]

Loco was trying to take a photograph of Rebos and Wonder Dog with his camera, but he was aiming it backward, and the flash blinded his eyes.[6]

During the Super Friends' Televised Golf Exhibition, Batman tells everyone to keep their "eyes on the ball."[7]

When Wendy tossed an egg that she said was a FRERP egg at Marvin, causing it to splat all over his face, Marvin tells her he deduced it wasn't a FRERP egg, and that it might have been a real egg, based on the fact that he recognized the handwriting on the egg was hers. He goes on to tell her that he was certain because of the "twinkle in [her] eye and the egg on [his] face."[8]

When Superman plants the spores of Kryptonian mushrooms on the Raven's island, he does it in a manner that escapes Raven's suspicious eye.[9]


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