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Exxorians were the humanoid natives of the planet of Exxor, which was located in Galaxy of Nova 12. Exxorians had pointed ears and some (if not all) had purple eyes.

Physical Characteristics

Exxorians had black hair, tan skin and pointed ears. Most, if not all of them, had purple eyes. Other than that, they looked very similar to humans and Vulcans.[1]


Long ago, there were two kinds of Exxorians; the normal Exxorians, who have no special powers to speak of, and the Shape-shifters, who could alter their forms and become anything they could imagine. Over time, the two races began to interbreed. Curiously, almost none of the children of these unions inherited their shapeshifter parent's powers. It was revealed that the shapeshifting power was in fact a recessive genetic trait. Eventually, children would be born with shape-shifting powers, but their powers were most-often limited to ONE specific type of transformation.[2]

Not so long ago, a terrible plague swept across Exxor, killing hundreds of thousands before a cure could be made. Two of the casualties were the parents of the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna.

Known Exxorians


  1. This fact that they resembled Star Trek's Vulcans was established in the music video The Ballad of Zan and Jayna, which was released on Super Friends: Volume Two (2005).
  2. Although there have been rare instances where certain Exxorians with such abilities have accidentally transformed into something other than one specific form, for example, although Zan can transform into any form of water, he did once accidentally turn into feces.

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