Excited dolphin[1]
Excited dolphin.jpg
Real name: Unrevealed
Species: Dolphin
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A

This excited dolphin brought news to Aquaman and a Bottle-Nose Dolphin that he had spotted the jet stream engine that was attached to Doctor Thinkwik's tugboat. Aquaman thanks him and heads to the coordinates he gave him.[2]


Super Friends


  1. This is what he was referred to as by the narrator, but his real name wasn't revealed.
  2. In the episode the animators made it as if Aquaman was looking at the Bottle-Nose Dolphin as if it was he that was giving him the news about the jet stream. But he was with Aquaman already, the other dolphin that came was under him, but he wasn't shown to be talking.
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