Evil polar bear
Real name: Unrevealed
Species: Human (Transformed into an polar bear by an animal ray)[1]
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Base: Circus
Affiliations: Evil Animals
Abilities: All the abilities of a polar bear
Voiced/Played:  ???

This villain was a member of the Evil Animals team of supervillains. He was present along with the other members of the team when they tried to take over the circus.


Super Friends


  1. This is actually just conjecture. This character could have been an actual polar bear. He had no dialogue aside from growling, so one could be lead to believe that he's just an ordinary bear, but it wasn't ever revealed. He was most likely a human though, because he demonstrated human intelligence, at least to a certain degree, like when he caged Gleek and when he operated the Hypnotic ray.
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