The interplanetary villain Evil Star escapes from "galactic confinement" and heads to Earth to settle the score with his old enemy Green Lantern. However, the villain is quickly bested in battle with the ring-slinger. When Green Lantern attempts to recharge his ring, the feed from the main battery on Oa gives out and he realizes Evil Star must be behind it.

Evil Star uses his Starband to petrify the Guardians of the Universe, but Green Lantern arrives and restores them to normal with his ring, which Evil Star manages to suck right off his finger. Kyro tackles the villain and GL recovers his ring, allowing him to pursue Evil Star out onto the surface of Oa. Evil Star uses his powers to create various disasters to try to keep Green Lantern at bay until his ring runs out of power, but GL manages to lasso Evil Star's arm and aim the Starband at his own head so he doesn't dare try anymore tricks. Evil Star is summarily returned to "galactic confinement."

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